The current restrictions on our daily living mean lots of limitations on our lifestyle but does offer an opportunity to get to the jobs that we like to avoid or don’t usually have time for.

Cleaning and maintaining a hygienic environment has become particularly important. And, with lots more time opening up in our diaries, this is a great time to get scrubbed up.

Deep clean your car from the inside out

Your car is a good place to start where doing a good spring clean is concerned. Time to remove all the tissues, old receipts, sweet wrappers and any other junk that has taken up residence in your car. You might find a couple of quid too! De-junk, a vacuum round, a good clean of all the surfaces and a freshen up will have the interior looking like new!

Watch our ‘How to clean a car interior’ guide that shows you how to get the best out of the process.

Now that the inside of your car is spick and span it’s time to move on to the outside. You’ll need a few basic pieces of equipment – a bucket, sponge, some cloths, a wheel brush, soapy water and a pressure washer if you have one. Start at the top to allow the dirt to drain away, give the wheels a good scrub and don’t forget the lower paintwork which can attract a lot of build-up. Once you’ve rinsed it off, the best way to get a sparkling and streak-free finish is to dry by hand. Now you can finish off with a wax and polish if you prefer. Show off!

For a step by step guide to cleaning the outside of your car watch our ‘How to clean a car exterior’ video.

Pamper your patio

You might have a little more time but that doesn’t mean you want to work harder and if you have a pressure washer it can make difficult jobs like cleaning your patio, much easier. They also use less water than a standard hose so you’re doing your bit for the environment too. Different washers have different pressures so make sure you choose one with the right level for what you need. Washing your car requires a lower pressure than cleaning a heavily soiled patio for example. Attachments such as a patio scrubber or a foam nozzle make all the difference too, making tricky jobs quicker and easier.

Maintaining a clean motorcycle

A sparkly motorcycle looks fantastic and also keeps it in good working order. As well as washing your bike, using a degreaser to remove build up on any metal components makes a real difference. The brake disks and pads can take a good scrub and don’t forget to give the chain some attention. Once the bike is clean of all dirt, it’s really important to use some lubricant to prevent any further wear and tear.

Watch our ‘How to clean a motorcycle’ video for a step by step guide.

Keep you bicycle up to scratch

Cleaning your bicycle follows pretty much the same principles in that you want to make sure all of the different components are reached and well cleaned. It’s good to start with the drivetrain using a degreaser or cleaning solution and once you’ve got that freshened up you can move on to the rest of the bike. Use some soapy water to clean the handlebars and frame, rinse, dry and finish off with lubricant to help keep everything nice and lubricated.

Watch our ‘How to clean a bike’ video for a guide.

For more cleaning ideas, see our blog ‘Five Spring Cleaning Tips‘, stay healthy, we’re all in this together.