As the days become lighter and weather becomes warmer, it’s an excellent time to start thinking about having a good old spring clean. The UK is a nation of hoarders, with our garages, sheds, and even cars filled full of unwanted possessions. It’s eestimated that almost half (39%) of all garages in the UK are so full of junk that drivers are unable to get their cars in!

If you’re struggling under the weight of your waste or can’t prize open the door of your garage, isn’t it about time you thought about a spring clean?

To help you on your way, here are five spring cleaning tips from the experts at Halfords to help you enjoy a cleaner, greener, and hopefully leaner 2022.

1. Make spring cleaning a plan

Let’s face it; cleaning isn’t the most exciting task. Set aside some time to clean and stick to it. Have a plan of action, including what you will do with all the waste. Get everything you need ready before you begin so you’ll have no excuses for not completing the job.

The warmer weather and lighter evenings of spring make it a perfect time to tackle the task before the real joy of summer arrives. We’re not going to lie, decluttering is dirty work. The good news is that the real business of cleaning burns calories – which means you’ll have earned that cup of tea (or ice-cold beer) at the end of the day.

2. Reuse or recycle unwanted items

The world is full of waste, so don’t add more to the pile unless you need to. While decluttering your garage, think about how you can safely dispose of your belongings, by either reusing them or recycling them. You can donate small items to local charity shops. Charities like the Reuse Network may be able to collect larger items that can be repurposed to help families in crisis. 

You can recycle cardboard, metal, plastic, old paint, oil, and batteries at your local waste disposal centre. It’s up to you to ensure that you dispose of all waste safely, protecting you and the planet too. If you can’t reuse or recycle it, then give it a proper send-off.

3. Cash-in your goods

While you might not uncover an ancient gold ring in your garage, the hidden treasures in our storage spaces are like savings accounts. A study by RAC Home Insurance estimates that Britain’s garages are full of up to £8bn worth of possessions – that’s about £1,650 each.

Online sites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, and Shpock are all great ways to sell your unwanted possessions. Check out other listings for some ideas about the prices for your goods, but be prepared to haggle hard with prospective bargain hunters. It’s all part of the fun!

4. Start clean, stay clean

The key to staying clean is to start clean. Once you’ve gotten rid of the rubbish from your garage, shed, or car, then it deserves a good scrub down and finish. You’ll have to supply the elbow grease, but we’re here to give you a helping hand. Give the car the spring clean it deserves before parking it in your cleared-out garage and during our Big Spring Clean event, you can get amazing deals on car cleaning products with up to 20% off products from leading brands including AutoglymDemonMeguiar’sMuc-Off and Karcher.

If you want some expert advice on how to properly wash your car and how to clean car seats, check out our useful car cleaning tips. It explains how you remove stubborn stains then seal in your car’s finish with car wax and polish to restore that showroom shine.  

5. Garage storage solutions

One of the simplest ways to restore some order is to invest in some sturdy purpose-built storage for your garage or workshop. At Halfords, you’ll find a full range of storage solutions, including hardwearing garage shelving and shed shelving that will bring some much-needed calm to your chaos. We’ve also got a superb selection of tool storage solutions, including tool chests and cabinetstoolboxes, and bags to keep the mess to a minimum.

Spring cleaning is a dirty job, but someone needs to do it. This year, make sure it’s you. You’ll find everything you need to bring back those glory days at Halfords.