As the days get lighter and the weather gets warmer, it’s an excellent time to start thinking about having a good old spring clean. Whether your car is in need of some TLC, your bike has been sitting gathering rust over winter, or your garage could do with some love, it’s the perfect time to get cleaning.

To help you on your way, here are five spring cleaning tips from the experts at Halfords to help you enjoy a cleaner and greener year ahead.

1. Make spring cleaning a plan

Let’s face it; cleaning isn’t the most exciting task. Set aside some time to clean and stick to it. Have a plan of action, including what you will do with all the waste.

Get everything you need ready before you begin so you’ll have no excuses for not completing the job. The warmer weather and lighter evenings of spring make it a perfect time to tackle the task before the real joy of summer arrives.

2. Reuse or recycle unwanted items

The world is full of waste, so don’t add more to the pile unless you need to. While decluttering your garage, think about how you can safely dispose of your belongings, by either reusing them or recycling them.

Old car batteries can’t be put into a normal bin, since they contain harmful substances like lead. So, if you’ve got an old battery in the garage that you haven’t got around to properly disposing of, bring it to your local Halfords where we can recycle it!

We use an approved waste disposal company that can recover up to 95% of the lead, and the batteries are recycled here in the UK – which helps to cut down on CO2 emissions. They’re turned into new batteries, automobile parts and plasterboard components.

As for old bikes, we’ve got a plan for those too. If you’ve got a Halfords bike lying around that you no longer use, or could do with an upgrade, why not trade it in? With the Halfords Bike Xchange, you can get a Halfords gift card worth up to £1000 to spend on anything you like when you trade in your old Halfords bike. Book an MOT, stock up on cycling accessories, or use the money to upgrade to a brand-new bike.

3. Prepare your bike for spring rides

Autumn and winter can be a tough time for your bike, especially if you don’t keep it indoors. So, while you’re getting everything tidy and clean, take the time to give some TLC to your bike, too.

A deep clean followed by regular maintenance can make a world of difference to both your bike’s performance and its lifespan. Start by giving it a thorough wash – you can find our bike cleaning guide here – then replace or upgrade any parts that aren’t working properly, and be sure to keep on top of routine maintenance.

4. Get your car sparkling clean

Now your bike is pristine, it’s time to tackle the car. For a great result every time, you need products and a routine that’s specialised to what you’re trying to clean. A dedicated car shampoo will lift road grime and dust much better than a standard cleaner or washing-up liquid without damaging your paintwork, while a high-quality car wax or polish will keep your exterior cleaner and damage-free for longer.

Here are some of our favourite guides to help you achieve a high-quality finish across the whole of your car.

5. Garage storage solutions

One of the simplest ways to restore some order is to invest in some sturdy purpose-built storage for your garage or workshop. At Halfords, you’ll find a full range of storage solutions, including hardwearing garage shelving and shed shelving that will bring some much-needed calm to your chaos.

We’ve also got a superb selection of tool storage solutions, including tool chests and cabinetstoolboxes, and bags to keep the mess to a minimum.

Spring cleaning is a dirty job, but someone needs to do it. This year, make sure it’s you. You’ll find everything you need to bring back those glory days at Halfords.