Graco are market-leading child travel experts with over 60 years of experience. So, they know a thing or two about car seats.

However, they wanted to learn more about their customers. That’s why they recently ran a campaign to find out how much their social media followers know about car seats, and to find out their opinions on everything from in-car entertainment to car seat cleanliness.

Want to find out what Graco’s social media followers had to say? Try out our quiz below and find out if you agree with their answers. We’ve also provided some handy tips along the way.


How do Graco’s social media followers use their car seat…

Do your children have their coats on when travelling in the car seat?

Graco’s social media followers said:

Yes: 5%                        No: 95%

Most of Graco’s social media followers didn’t let their children travel in a car seat while wearing a coat. We’d also recommend removing any bulky clothing including coats from your child before travelling. Thick clothing prevents a harness from lying snugly against the body, so it isn’t as secure. If you’re worried your little one will get cold, you can always keep a blanket in your car.

Do you know about the pinch test to check the tightness of a 5-point harness?

Graco’s social media followers said:

Yes: 40%                      No: 60%

The pinch test is an easy way to check whether a car seat’s harness is correctly tightened. If you’re unsure how to do it, don’t worry! It’s quick and easy – here’s how:

  • Adjust the harness and then place your thumb and index finger on the harness.
  • Try to pinch the harness strap between them. If you can pinch it so that fabric bunches in your finger, it needs tightening further.
  • If you can’t pinch it between your fingers, the harness is tight enough.

If you use a baby carrier, do you leave the car seat’s carry handle up or down while travelling?

Graco’s social media followers said:

Down: 35%                  Up: 65%

Over a third of Graco’s social media followers travel with their carry handle up. A carry handle isn’t simply there for convenience and it needs to be left upright while travelling, as it then acts as a secondary safety measure in an accident.


How do Graco’s social media followers keep their car seat clean…

Do you try to keep your child’s car seat clean?

Graco’s social media followers said:

Yes: 82%                         No: 18%

No matter how much you try to prevent it, children make a mess. So, keeping a car seat clean can often feel like an uphill struggle. However, it’s worth joining the 82% who keep their child’s car seat clean. It’s not as time consuming as you may think, and many seats have removable pads that can be machine washed. Just make sure you check the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning. When it comes to cleaning the seat on the go, Graco’s next question may help…

Do you keep a pack of wipes in your car?

Graco’s social media followers said:

Yes: 83%                          No: 17%

Spilt drinks, mucky shoes – it’s hard to keep a car seat clean for long. That’s why it’s always worth having some wipes in your car, so you can deal with any cleaning emergencies while on the road.


How do Graco’s social media followers keep little ones entertained on journeys…

Do you let your child use electronic devices for entertainment on long journeys?

Graco’s social media followers said:

Yes: 62%                           No: 38%

It’s the age-old question asked by generations of parents: how do you stave off the inevitable ‘are we there yet?’?

Luckily, there’s a range of technology on offer to help, and it looks like the majority of Graco’s social media followers are taking advantage of it. If you’re not but would like to, head over to to explore our full range of in-car entertainment.

For those who prefer a traditional car trip with games and a good old singalong, we’ve pulled together some extra ideas ready for your next road trip here.

Do you prepare and bring your own snacks or stop for food?

Graco’s social media followers said:

Prepare the snacks: 65%           Stop for food: 35%

This is a tricky one! Bringing your own snacks can be cheaper but stopping off at a service station is all part of the adventure.

If you’re one of the 65%, don’t forget to take a cool box to keep your food and drinks fresh. For those who like to stop on route, we’ve pulled together a selection of our favourite service stations here.


What do Graco’s little passengers think…

At what age was your child ‘ready’ (in their eyes) to no longer use their high-back booster?

Ok, this isn’t a simple yes or no question so we can’t provide all the answers here. However, it’s important to remember that your child must legally travel in a car seat until they’re 12 years of age or 135cm in height (150cm in the Republic of Ireland)/36kg in weight, whichever comes first.

Remember, a car seat is there to keep your child safe. So, even if they complain, they need to keep using one until they reach this age, height or weight.

No matter how you answered these questions, you’ve hopefully picked up some top child travel tips. And if you want to learn more about child travel and car seats, head over to our help and advice guides.

Alternatively, why not explore Graco’s full range of car seats. From baby seats to high-back boosters, they’ve got options for children of every age. You can also learn more about Graco here.