Many of us look back on the day we passed our driving test with fondness. Whether it took us one try or six, the days of no longer being beholden to public transport and mum and dad’s taxi service were finally over. And what days they were! Road trips to the seaside with friends, finally being able to play whatever we wanted on the stereo, or simply being able to head over to our mate’s whenever we wanted to make all that slog worth it in the end.

If you know someone who’s recently passed their driving test, take a look at our fave buys for those new to the road.

Air freshener

Nothing quite beats the ‘new car’ smell, but before long they’ll be ready to perk up the pong inside their beloved four wheels. From lingering gym kits to jam-packed taxi trips, this is one gift that they’ll appreciate a few weeks in!


From the test centre to the driving instructor’s car and back home, they’ll be stuck to those new car keys like glue. At home, whether it’s a bowl, drawer or hook, there’ll always be a designated key zone, but we know how easy it is to misplace them! Add a touch of personalisation to their car keys with a quirky keyring, we’ve got loads to choose from here.

Exterior styling

For a touch of fun, why not pop something in the hamper that they’re not expecting? They might be lucky enough to get behind the wheel in a shiny new ride, but if their new whip needs a little TLC, a badge or a sticker might be just the thing to spruce it up.

Parking sensors

Even a few years down the line, parallel parking has been known to cause a few laps around the car park for a different space. With the added help of parking sensors, those nerve-racking moments become less tense with a little alert to tell you when you’re within touching distance of car or curb.

Dash cam

Before removing those ‘P’ plates, new drivers can often be vulnerable to road warriors looking to make a claim. A dash cam has got your back at all times; whilst recording every journey, some also alert you to accidents ahead so you’re never caught off guard. These handy devices offer a reliable witness source with every trip you take, so get them the gift of reassurance!

Jump start kit

It can take a freezing, frosty morning in winter to roll around before having to pull out the dreaded jump start kit, but when the time comes you’ll want to make sure you’re all set to get back on the road.

Car audio

You really feel the benefits of having your own car when the sun is shining, windows down with your favourite songs playing. An Apple CarPlay system is the newest way to access the latest iPhone benefits in the car, and something they’ll really love especially if they’ve just passed their test. Gone are the days of tape decks and mountains of CD’s cluttering the glove box, get everything in one place and give them the ultimate music experience on every journey.

Car cleaner 

The first few weeks post-pass are dedicated to keeping that brand new set of wheels looking as good as new, so a car cleaning kit is a thoughtful and useful gift guaranteed to get the gold in the gift-giving stakes. From our own-brand award-winning kit to the masters at Meguairs, find everything from shampoo to shammies, sure to leave their car shining.

Halfords Gift Card

Load up, load up, get your Halfords gift cards here! When you just can’t decide what to buy, a gift card still says well done without the ‘will they like it or won’t they’ worries. Choose from £25, £50 or £100 value if you’re feeling really generous!