It’s no secret that our cars are seen as an opportunity for thieves, especially with all the additional tech we put in them these days. But there are loads of ways to try and prevent car crime, whether it’s a smashed window or worst case scenario…stolen car.

1. Double check it’s locked

This sounds like an obvious one, but we all lead busy lives and often get out of the car in a rush. Sure we might remember our personal belongings, but it’s easy to walk away and forget to lock it, or think you’ve locked it and haven’t. Try and stay close to the car so you can hear it lock, and if you can’t hear your car lock it might mean your fob is faulty. A good way to double check it’s locked is to simply pull the door handle before you walk away.

2. Consider where you park

You might be surprised to hear this, but car crime can still be a problem even in the ‘nicer’ parts of town. Whatever time of day it is, try and find a well-lit spot and avoid dark corners.

In large shopping centre car parks, it can be tempting to park further away where there are less cars to avoid scratches and scrapes from other doors, but it’s actually better to park in a busier area where suspicious behaviour would be more easily recognised.

3. Hide your belongings

Most people get into a good routine with storing their valuables, but hiding even the smallest of personal belongings is often forgotten. Small change, jewellery, receipts and even gym cards can make you the target of theft. Sometimes even clothing entices a break in! You should keep as much as you can out of plain view; whether that’s in the glove box, boot, or central console (providing it has a cover). Important paperwork and even post should be kept out of your car too.

4. Add to your security

If you have a relatively modern car, the chances are it comes with an alarm and an immobiliser, but there are plenty of other ways to protect your car! Steering wheel locks aren’t foolproof but they do provide a deterrent and now there is a Fingerprint T- Bar available you don’t have to worry about losing the keys!

If you’ve got a little more money to spend, a tracker offers an additional level of security for if the worst was to happen and your car was actually stolen.

5. Think about where you store your keys

How many times a day do you have the ‘where are my keys?!’ conversation? Usually it’s because we’ve put them in a “safe place”, but end up putting them somewhere so safe you now can’t remember. Well, at least if you don’t know where they are, then neither will an opportunist!

Some individuals have even taken to using clever devices that mimic your key fob signal and get in your car just by getting close to the key fob. Luckily we sell a handy device to combat this, which works by blocking the signal. This great little wallet is a universal design key fob wallet and will fit 99% of vehicle key fobs.

6. Don’t leave your car running unattended

Chances are we’ve all been there, you jump in the car ready to leave for work and realise you’ve left your lunch in the fridge, or laptop bag by the door. But you never know who might be waiting ready to get in your car and drive away whilst you run back in the house! This might sound a bit scary, but it’s always worth turning off the engine and taking your keys with you. The same goes for ‘warming it up’ on a cold morning, even if it’s parked on the drive.

7. ‘Pinch and park’

Last but not least, the recent ‘pinch and park’ trend is one to make sure you’re aware of. If the worst was to happen and your car gets stolen, it might be that your car is closer than you think. In some instances thieves have been stealing cars and parking them a short distance away, then leaving the car to make sure it’s not fitted with a tracking device. If it’s still there after a couple of weeks then the thieves can return back to the car and know that they’re safe from a tracker leading the police to them.

It might sound too good to be true, but checking the local area might just see you reunited with your car!

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