Dating back to 1958, the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) is one of the oldest motorsport championships in the world. The cars, drivers, rules and regulations may have changed over the years, but the BTCC has always been at the pinnacle of British motorsport.

Since 1992, it’s been a home away from home for Team Dynamics.

In this article, we’ve pulled together the key moments in Team Dynamics’s history and time in the BTCC. From first race wins to first championship victories, we think you’ll agree that it’s been a busy and successful 30 years.

Team Dynamics: Key facts

  • Founded: 1992
  • First year in the BTCC: 1992
  • BTCC Drivers’ Championships: 6
  • BTCC Teams’ and Manufacturers’ Championships: 14
  • 2022 drivers: Gordon Shedden and Dan Rowbottom
  • 2022 sponsors: Halfords and Cataclean

Team Dynamics: Key events

1992 Team Dynamics is founded by Steve Neal and enters the BTCC for the first time, with Matt Neal in a BMW.
1993 Neal wins his first Independents’ Championship.
1995 Neal wins his second Independents’ Championship.
1999 On his way to winning a third Independents’ Championship in a Nissan Primera, Neal becomes the first independent driver in the modern era to win a BTCC race.
2000 Neal wins his fourth Independents’ Championship.
2003 Team Dynamics returns to the BTCC after a couple of years away.
2004 Team Dynamics starts racing Hondas and the first Halfords sponsorship period begins.
2005 Driving a Honda Integra, Neal wins his first Drivers’ Championship and Team Dynamics wins its first Teams’ Championship (both also win the respective Independents’ Championships). Neal becomes the first driver to win the overall title with an independent team.
2006 Neal and Team Dynamics defend their championships.
2007 Gordon ‘Flash’ Shedden joins Team Dynamics.
2010 Team Dynamics transfers from an independent entry to a Honda-backed constructor entry.
2011 Neal wins his third Drivers’ Championship, with Shedden in second. As Honda Racing Team, Team Dynamics takes the Teams’ Championship and Manufacturers’ / Constructors’ Championship.
2012 Team Dynamics is the first manufacturer team to enter a car built fully to the Next Generation Touring Car (NGTC) specification. Shedden wins his first Drivers’ Championship and Team Dynamics defends the team and manufacturer championships.
2013 Pirtek Racing’s Andrew Jordan takes the driver’s title in a Civic built by Team Dynamics, delivering a fourth manufacturer’s title in a row for Honda.
2014 Team Dynamics race Honda Civic Tourers and Shedden drives to the first ever ‘estate’ car victory in BTCC history.
2015 Shedden wins his second Drivers’ Championship.
2016 The second Halfords sponsorship period begins and Shedden wins his third Drivers’ Championship.
2018 Shedden leaves the BTCC and Dan Cammish joins Team Dynamics. The team introduces new Honda Civic Type R FK8s.
2019 Cammish narrowly misses out on the Drivers’ Championship, finishing in joint second. Team Dynamics win the Teams’ Championship.
2020 Cammish narrowly misses out on the Drivers’ Championship once again, at the final race in the final round of the season.
2021 Shedden returns to the BTCC and re-joins Team Dynamics alongside new driver Dan Rowbottom, while Neal takes on a mentoring role.
2022 Shedden and Rowbottom team up for a second year and prepare for an exciting 2022 season racing under the name Halfords Racing with Cataclean.

Team Dynamics: Beyond the BTCC

Of course, the success of Team Dynamics isn’t just restricted to the BTCC. The team has won numerous accolades in other racing series around the world, including the TCR, TCT UK Championship and Classic Touring Car Championships, the Asian Touring Car Championship, Swedish Touring Cars and the Asian GT Series.

It’s an impressive resume and one the team hopes to only add to once the 2022 BTCC commences. Keep track of their progress here!