Spring is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to start planning two-wheeled family adventures. Before heading out, it’s important to make sure your child is kitted out with all the must-have cycling accessories to keep them safe and looking cool!

Here’s our definitive guide to choosing the best kids’ bike accessories for all ages.


Helmets are an essential bit of kit and you shouldn’t head out on a ride without one. Luckily, even for the most fashion-conscious kids, we’ve got a massive selection of shapes, sizes, colours, designs and themes to choose from.

For younger kids, something fun and vibrant is a great choice. Our Halfords Kids Confetti Helmet is just that, with its eye-catching pink design. Perfect for family rides, the helmet has eight vents that help channel airflow, keeping little heads cool!

Maybe you’ve got a budding firefighter on your hands? Then look no further than the Apollo Firechief Kids’ Bike Helmet. This classic themed option matches perfectly with the Apollo Firechief Kids’ Bike and accessories, allowing your little one to truly take on the role of fire chief and ride to the rescue!

Or maybe you want a helmet that can handle the varying British weather? A perfect choice, the Black and Grey Lines Kids Helmet includes a front visor to shield from the sun and rain. Its adjustable fit system will also provide the perfect fit, so your child will be well protected and comfy!

Like all the kids’ bike accessories in this list, the Black and Grey Lines Kids Helmet is also eligible for free home delivery.

Fun accessories

Accessories can enhance your kid’s bike and let their personality shine through – and we’ve got lots to choose from! First up is the Apollo Police Patrol/Firechief Kids’ Bike Siren, which will really allow your child to get into the role of police officer or firefighter by flicking on their very own emergency siren.

For the motorbike lovers, we’ve got the Halfords Essentials Kids’ Motorbike Noise Maker. Attach it to their handlebars and your kids will be able to rev their bike and make it growl like a real motorbike!

Riding alone is never as much fun as riding with friends, so make sure your kid can take a pal with them on your family adventures. The Kids’ Bike Dolly Carrier Seat is easy to fit on almost any bike and even has little shoulder straps to keep teddy or dolly safe as they ride along.


Carrying vital equipment such as pens, colouring books and snacks can be difficult on a bike, but baskets make life a lot easier. Our Plastic Woven Bike Basket will attach neatly onto the front of your child’s bike and give them the extra storage space they need. It’s also the perfect spot to carry food ready for a family picnic!

Pads and gloves

Protecting curious little fingers, errant elbows and knobbly knees is essential when your kids are out and about, particularly if they like throwing themselves into new adventures.

Why not protect your little daredevil with the Apollo Firechief Kids’ Bike Pads, or mix it up with our X-Rated Pad Set? This set contains knee, elbow and wrist pads that have an easy, slip-on design and soft, elasticated fabric. Perfect for kids learning to ride and kids practicing tricks alike!

For those precious fingers, we’ve got the Halfords Essentials Triangle Junior Bike Mitts in orange. Featuring a funky design and easy-adjust straps for a snug fit, these padded gloves are soft and protective.

Bells and horns

Teaching kids to make others aware of their presence is a step in the right direction when it comes to cycling proficiency, so make sure their bike has a bell or a horn. (Although their new bike will have a bell included as standard if you buy from Halfords, you can always get something a bit more exciting.)

Our Batman Kids’ Bike Bell is a best-seller for kids of all ages, including a few big kids who should probably know better! Or if it’s brighter colours you’re looking for then check out our Halfords Essential Kids’ Flower Bike Bell or our Halfords Essentials Kids’ Bike Horn.


Just like helmets and bells, lights should be fitted on every kids’ bike, even if they’re only ever ridden on bright, sunny days. Lights give other road and pavement users a better chance of seeing your child, plus they’ll be able to see where they’re going on duller days or family rides later in the day.

Our Halfords Silicon Bike Lights come in a range of colours, can clip on pretty much anywhere, and last an amazing eight hours before they’ll need a recharge.

Why not also add some valve caps or spoke lights that will turn their wheels into glowing discs of light as they cycle?

­­­­­­­­­­­­­Now that you’ve got some accessory ideas, it’s time to plan those two-wheeled adventures! You can find our full range of kids’ bikes and kids’ bike accessories online, and we’ve also got some great advice in our Kids’ Bike Buyer’s Guide.

You want to enjoy family cycling adventures, you want Halfords!