If you’re looking to bag some early Christmas presents or just love a bargain, then you’ll be joining the millions of consumers who log on or head to the shops every fourth Friday in November for the phenomenon that is Black Friday. Despite being a very American tradition, Black Friday arrived in the UK a few years back and has taken the Christmas shopping routine by storm. Many retailers (including Halfords) now have full Black Friday campaigns that run for much longer than just the big day, with thousands of Black Friday deals available to customers throughout November.


But just how big is Black Friday? We looked at some of the key figures that start to show just how important getting the best Black Friday deals has really become.


The amount spent online in the UK on Black Friday 2017– up a whopping 11.3% from 2016!


Black Friday deals 40

Ever had Black Friday FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), where you’re stuck at work and can’t scroll through your phone or get to the shops? Well, you’re in the same boat as almost half of Britain – According to our recent Black Friday survey, 40% of Black Friday shoppers worry about missing out on Black Friday bargains.

Luckily, our Black Friday deals are live throughout November, so you don’t need to worry if you can’t get to a store or online on the day itself!


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The number of temporary staff that Halfords aim to employ to deal with Black Friday and Christmas shopping demand – that’s a 3.5% increase on our usual staff numbers!


The maximum amount that 14% of Black Friday shoppers will budget to spend on Black Friday deals


The peak minute where most Black Friday bargains were bagged in 2017


The number of Black Friday shoppers who will try and grab all of their Christmas shopping on Black Friday / Cyber Monday


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The date of this year’s Black Friday


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