You’ve probably come across our Halfords Advanced tools when you’ve been browsing Maybe you’ve wondered exactly what makes a tool part of the Halfords Advanced range. Well, it’s all about durability, design, precision and performance – and providing the ultimate kit to get the job done.

Here’s why our Halfords Advanced tools stand out from the crowd and are some of our best-selling hand tools.

They’re strong and durable

All Halfords Advanced ratchets, sockets and spanners are made from durable alloy steel, which gives them the strength to deliver long lasting performance. The polished chrome finish not only looks great, but provides corrosion resistance for a lifetime of use.

Our screwdriver design is one of the most durable on the market, as it features a notched metal rod that goes further into the handle, making it less likely to come loose.

Look out for the surface drive feature on the open end of our combination and ratcheting spanners. This feature ensures that the spanner grips the flat sides of the fastener, rather than the corners, which provides up to 28% more torque before rounding.

They’re precise

Precision is key to a professional range of tools, and that’s why we ensure that this is built into our tool design, across the range.

Our Halfords Advanced torque wrenches are accurate to +/-3% of reading, meeting ISO 6789-1:2017, and have a proven mechanism and components to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the set torque. The industrial quality ‘push through’ ratchets allow for clockwise and anticlockwise torque control, and they are all supplied with a Declaration of Conformance to prove their accuracy.

They can help you out of an awkward spot

Working on vehicles can sometimes be frustrating, and not having the right tool for easy access to the section you’re working on can make it worse. So, we’ve designed lots of little features across the range, to try and help you get out of those difficult situations, as quickly as possible.

Halfords Advanced ratchets now have a slimline head and longer handles, to give you better access and increased leverage in confined spaces. But for even tighter spaces, try our ratchet spanner adaptors, which pop onto the end of your ratchet spanner to give you an ultra-compact ratchet.

Our socket sets come with a range of hex, security torx and spline bits for non-bolt fixings, and these come in both long and short reach to help you out in all situations, with a thick 10mm shaft to reduce the chance of breaking.

They’ll get you organised

Having everything in one place helps to get the job done quickly and efficiently, and with that in mind, we’ve designed our socket sets to have a good breadth of tools to reduce the number of times you have to go back to your tool box for those other tools or bits.

And for a complete solution, there are the Halfords Advanced modular trays. The range covers a wide variety of tools, from plier sets to wrench sets, all in Halfords Advanced branding. Designed to fit into Halfords Advanced metal storage, these trays help you to build your own tool kit with exactly what you need to get the job done.

They’re designed by professionals

Our tools are used by professionals in garages, colleges and driveways across the country, and with such a knowledgeable customer in mind, we’ve ensured that all our tool kits are designed by professionals.

Every tool kit has been reviewed using feedback from industry experts before launch. This means that all our tool kits have been developed to provide a wide range of tools, all designed to help you get the job done efficiently, without wasting space on things that you won’t be using as often.

Our customers love them

The reviews on our Halfords Advanced products prove that our customers love the range and enjoy using our tools time and time again. Our socket sets have an average of 4.8* out of 5*, and our torque wrenches have an average of 4.9* out of 5*.

They come with a lifetime guarantee

All of our Halfords Advanced tools are built to last, so they come with a lifetime guarantee to give you total peace of mind.

Our guarantee promises that if a Halfords Advanced tool breaks while doing the job it was designed for, we’ll replace it for you. Simply bring the tool back to store, and we’ll either order one in for you, or replace it on the spot.

And that’s what we believe makes Halfords Advanced tools so good. As well as the products mentioned here, there are a wide variety of other Halfords Advanced tools available on so get completing your collection now.