A healthy lifestyle’s something on everyone’s list, but sometimes keeping up with the gym isn’t realistic and can often become a ‘quick fix’ to shed some unwanted pounds fast. Making a lifestyle change that fits into your daily routine is a great way to keep fit and stick to it, and that’s where cycling can come in handy. Find out why we think a bike beats the gym hand(lebars) down!

Keep your heart happy

Thinking of setting new goals? Whilst fitness may be front of mind, why not make this the year you shift the focus to health rather than simply looking good. By jumping in the saddle you’re committing to using your own body to get you from A to B, which is pretty impressive when you think about it. There’s no time limit on riding a bike, you dictate your own journeys, and what’s stronger than the power of your own mind and body? Just imagine, no angry machines beeping at you, no competing with the keen bean on the next machine, no fear of keeping up with a new fitness class. Sure you’ll burn calories and you’ll probably notice a change in shape, not to mention resistance. But let these be the by-products of a new cycling journey; a health adventure which knows no limits (or joining fees!).

Fresh air is free

It seems a little backward, doesn’t it? For those of us living rural, or having to face a public transport palaver just to get to the gym, the stress of keeping fit and healthy begins before you even leave the house! Not to mention gym fees, costing us on average £32 each month and that’s without taking into account joining fees, additional classes or new exercise gear. Whilst we know a bike isn’t free, once you’ve got one the open road is yours for the taking! A bike is for life not just for January.

Put the good in good morning

Ahh how nice it would be to bypass the bypass, and enjoy a commute that didn’t involve playing sardines in a train carriage or sitting in standstill traffic. If your distance to work is achievable, why not make cycling part of your everyday lifestyle to and from work? Not only will you be getting your health hit twice a day, you’ll save the cost of petrol AND contribute to the health of the place we call home – planet earth. Staying healthy, saving money and doing our bit for the environment? We think it’s a bit of a no brainer. Oh, and if it’s a little too far to get to work by bike, Electric bikes are truly having their moment. Working in the same way as a normal bike and moved by pedal power, E-bikes give you the chance to use an optional boost to get you a little further, faster and fresher by the time you arrive.

Mind over matter

It’s a simple equation, exercise = endorphins, endorphins put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. Whether you choose to cycle as part of your commute, or factor in a ride after work, it’s a great way to keep those little neuropeptides and peptides high and making you feel gooooood. It also makes you part of a cycling community and who doesn’t get a warm fuzzy glow from that feeling of belonging? Sign up to a local club or search for an organised event in the future, it could be something to train for or maybe just a bit of fun! Whether you’re enjoying the solitude of being alone with your bike, or out and about with others, it certainly beats staring at a screen at the gym!

A bike for Every Body

Unlike the gym, cycling can be for everyone. Ever turned up at a class that is for just women, or just men? Or how about turning up for a swim and finding out the pool’s closed for a class? With cycling there’s never that worry, and with a bike for all ages and disciplines it’s something the whole family can get involved with. We say the more the merrier! With the right equipment and a little guidance, there’s no reason why everyone from toddler to pensioner can’t reap the health benefits of cycling.

Find your balance

We’re not suggesting that other forms of exercise don’t help with this, but regular cycling is particularly great for improving both your balance and coordination. It’s a sport that encourages both mental and physical skill, the output of which will benefit your overall ability. Stick at it and you might find yourself more acute in your thinking and naturally your level of fitness will improve!

Ready to grab life by the handlebars? Whether you’ve got a new bike or feel like it’s time to recover your beloved wheels from the shed, we salute you! Start your cycling adventure today, and don’t forget to share your snaps and take us along for the ride.


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