We all dream of having a healthier lifestyle, but keeping up with the gym isn’t always realistic, a long-term fitness solution or – for much of the last year – an option at all.

Even with lockdown measures easing and gyms hoping to re-open soon, we still reckon that making a lifestyle change that fits into your daily routine can be a more effective way of keeping fit (and sticking to it).

And that’s where cycling comes in handy.

You make the decisions

There’s no time limit on riding a bike, you dictate your own journeys and you choose when and where to exercise.

Just imagine, no squeezing an exercise session in around opening hours and other commitments, no angry machines beeping at you, no competing with the keen bean on the next machine. Just you, the open road and the pounding of the pedals.

Sure, you’ll burn calories whatever exercise you do, and you’ll probably notice a change in shape, not to mention resistance. But let these be the by-products of a new cycling journey; a health adventure that knows no limits (or membership fees!).

Fresh air is free

It seems a little backward, doesn’t it? For those of us living rural, or having to face a public transport palaver just to get to the gym, the stress of keeping fit and healthy begins before you even leave the house!

Not to mention gym memberships, plus joining fees, the cost of new exercise gear, the price of petrol or public transport… While we know a bike isn’t free, once you’ve got one the road is yours for the taking! And at Halfords we’ve got lots of different finance options via Klarna, to help you spread the cost of your purchase.

You can put the ‘good’ in ‘good morning’

How nice it would be to bypass the stress, and enjoy a commute that didn’t involve trying to social distance on public transport or sitting in standstill traffic.

If the distance is achievable, why not make cycling part of your everyday lifestyle to and from work? Not only will you be getting your health hit twice a day, you’ll save on travelling costs and contribute to the health of the place we call home. Staying healthy, saving money and doing our bit for the environment? We think it’s a no brainer.

If your office is a bit too far from your home, or your journey’s interrupted by pesky hills, then electric bikes are the way to go. Working in the same way as a normal bike, e-bikes give you an optional boost that means you can travel a little further, move a little faster, and feel a little fresher when you arrive.

There’s a bike for every body

Unlike the gym, cycling can be for everyone. Ever felt like the odd person out during a gym session? Or ever turned up at a class that’s just for women, or men?

With cycling there’s never that worry, and with a bike for all ages and disciplines it’s something the whole family can get involved with. We say the more the merrier! With the right equipment and a little guidance, there’s no reason why everyone from toddlers to pensioners can’t reap the health benefits of cycling.

You can find your balance

We’re not suggesting that other forms of exercise don’t help with this, but regular cycling is particularly great for improving both your balance and coordination. It’s a sport that encourages both mental and physical skill, the output of which will benefit your overall ability. Stick at it and you might find yourself more acute in your thinking and naturally your level of fitness will improve!

Ready to grab life by the handlebars? Whether you’ve got a new bike or feel like it’s time to recover your beloved wheels from the shed, we salute you! So, what are you waiting for? Start your cycling adventure today!