Elbow out all thoughts of school reports and instead bask in the sunshine (if it turns up), quibble over the map and issue a collective ‘Wheeeee’ as you whizz down the hills.

Family cycling trips are an ideal way to bring young children, grumpy teenagers, frazzled parents and apprehensive grandparents together. They involve lots of cycle paths, flexible eating arrangements and an opportunity to explore the local area.


One thing’s for sure, when you tell your family you’re packing the car and embarking on a super cool cycling staycation, you certainly won’t hear any moaning!


Where should we go?

While local cycling trips might be fun, there’s nothing quite like packing your bags and setting off on an awesome UK staycation.


Choosing where to take your bike ultimately depends on your family’s riding experience. For instance, if you have a little nipper who’s just ditched the balance bike for their first two-wheeled one, it wouldn’t be wise to start them off on a hilly trip around the Peak District.


Here are a few cycling trip destinations to get the wheels in motion:


  • Red Squirrel Trail, Isle of Wight – all aboard a ferry and enjoy an incredible trip to the best “Bicycle Island”. This trail is mainly traffic-free and stretches across 23 miles of breathtaking coastline, woodlands and farmlands. Finish it in a few days and treat yourself to a nice stay in Sandown.


  • Clydach Gorge, Abergavenny – while a gorge might sound like a lot of work, the gradient is relatively steady, plus your little ones will love picking up a bit of speed on the decline. This trail follows a former railway line and has signs of Victorian engineering along the way – so it’s a nice history lesson for the kids as well!


  • The Meadows to Portobello, Edinburgh – this simple five-mile cycling trip to the beach includes the UK’s first ever railway tunnel. It’s an easy ride for beginners, plus with the added incentive of ice-cream at the end, you’ll be able to whizz through this trail in no time at all!


  • Swinley Forest, Berkshire – start at the Look Out Discovery Centre and enjoy a gentle cycle through more than 1,000 hectares of Crown Estate woodland. It’s the ideal cycling route for all abilities – including young tots and the elderly.


You can find more inspiration on family-friendly rides here.


Packing the right bike and bike accessories

Setting off on your next family cycling trip will require a bit of careful planning too (yawn)! However, we’ve included a handy checklist and product suggestions to make sure that you’re kitted out with all the bike accessories you need.



  • An e-bike for adults and grandparents – contrary to belief, e-bikes aren’t cheating and are highly affordable. In fact, they’re a lot of fun too and can make keeping up with the kids a lot less taxing! The Gtech e-bikes are brilliant and come with a lifetime guarantee, plus a free 48-hour trial period when you buy one at Halfords.


  • Bike accessories – get ready for all family cycling trips by stocking up on bike accessories. This includes water bottles, helmets, spare tyres, puncture kits, rainproof coats and bike lights. Shop here for the latest products.


  • Roof box – if you’re planning on taking a lot of bike accessories and equipment away, it’s always worth thinking about a roof box for your car to free up some room inside. Take a look at our previous blog for tips on which one to buy.


So there you have it! A complete guide on why cycling trips are the perfect solution for all the family and how to get ready for one.