Looking for a fun, free way to keep the family happy? With a touch of togetherness and a dash of the great outdoors, chances are it will be plain sailing…or cycling!

Whether it’s your littlest loved ones or your biggest kids, round up the troops and do something different…

To the park

If it’s time to test out their first balance bike, or are still a little on the wobbly side of needing stabilisers, then the park is the best place to start. With a nice soft area of grass for those inevitable bumps and falls, and a path to follow as their confidence grows, you can guarantee the best of both worlds for your little learners. What’s more, when legs start to tire and attention fades, chances are there’ll  be a playground to explore!

At Halfords, you’ll find everything from matching helmets to bike bells with their favourite characters on, to make their first ride a memorable one.

To the National Park

No longer satisfied with a quick trip to the cinema, this notoriously hard to please age group are looking for a taste of adventure as they start to seek independence. To make the most of family time with the tweens, load up the bike rack and head to your local national park! What’s more fun than an endless outdoor playground with hundreds of trails to explore? Find those extra thrills for when they’re all grown up,with many a hill to conquer and loads of rough terrain to make each twist and turn more exciting than the next.


If you’re looking to lure them in with a new set of wheels, the RIDGE Mountain Bike is a great entry-level model at a price that won’t hurt the purse strings!

To Town

For the ones who’ve fled the nest and only come back to do their washing, give them an extra reason to stay this weekend with a cycle into your nearest town. Make it worth their while with the promise of a lazy lunch and a little retail therapy, whilst enjoying some quality time with your not-so-littles! It’s often the case that there might be a longer route you wouldn’t normally take on your bike, so take them on a detour for a sneaky way to spend a little more time together.


Find everything you need for a leisurely cycle at Halfords, from water bottles to bike panniers, and cycling GPS to get you both from A-B with no arguments!


When you’ve got a mixed bunch with different ages to please, finding the perfect route can be tricky. You’ll  need somewhere short enough in length to please little legs, but long enough and of interest to the older members of your family. If that’s the case, we’ve chosen three of the best family cycle routes in the UK, so stack the bike rack and hit the road!

  1. Hicks Lodge Forest, Leicestershire

Hicks Lodge is a former coal mining site that has been totally transformed by new plantings and creating exciting new trails for you to enjoy. From tearaway toddlers getting their first taste of cycling to young teens perfecting their skills or families walkingthe dog, we’ve got a great day out just waiting for you…

2. Loughgall Country Park, Loughgall, Armagh

Loughgall Country Park is a rural haven of relaxation and recreation. A diverse spectrum of activities ranging from golf to walking, fishing to tennis make this spacious complex a mecca for families, sports enthusiasts and those merely in search of a helping of tranquility. The emphasis, indeed, is very much on family pursuits. Walking, cycling, a children’s play area, golf, fishing, an adventure trail, trim trail, football pitch and tennis courts are just some of the amenities on offer….

3. Swinley Forest,  Berkshire

Situated in more than 1,000 hectares of Crown Estate woodland, The Look Out Discovery Centre is the perfect starting point for a wide variety of walks, trails and bike rides suitable for adults and children of all ages and abilities.

Wherever you venture with your family, make the most of time spent together this year!

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