Scotland offers some of the finest staycation spots in the UK. From the spectacular views deep in the Highlands to the great culture of Edinburgh, there’s something for families, couples and individuals looking for something different.

However, getting to grips with Scottish slang can cause a few headaches for non-locals. And we all know the three times rule – if you still don’t understand on the third time of asking, you can’t ask them to repeat again!

To give you a head start before you enjoy the natural wonders of Scotland, we’ve put together a wee guide for you to get your head around.

Yer aff yer heid – you’re off your head

This phrase is used to describe a daft person. You’ll probably hear this when you’ve taken the wrong turn on your drive to your staycation destination.

Aye Right – yeah, right

This term is used when someone doesn’t believe you. Or in your case, when you’re retelling your epic staycation stories!

Awa’ an bile yer heid – away and boil your head

This doesn’t literally mean go and boil your head! It just means you are getting told to get lost. So if someone says this to you on your staycation, we’d recommend making a swift exit.

Hou’s it gaun? – how’s it going?

Probably one of the more straightforward Scottish slang terms. Now there are no excuses if your hotel receptionist asks you this question in the morning.

Ah dinnae ken – I don’t know

If you ask a local and they responded with this phrase, you can thank them and turn away. Say goodbye to awkward staring for five minutes.

Noo jist haud on – now just hold it, slow down, take your time

If a guide or local shout this on a tour or cycle ride, reduce your speed as quickly and safely as possible.

It was hoachin’ – it was busy

A very useful Scottish slang phrase if you have a kid with you on your staycation trip. If you’re asking a local to find out their opinion on an attraction, this response could save you a wasted journey and a lot of waiting around.

Gallus – daring

Used to describe a daring or bold act. This phrase could crop up when you’re plunging down steep hills on an MTB trail.

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