If you’ve already got a dashboard camera, then you’ll probably know all about the fantastic features that help to keep drivers safe. What you might now know however is that your current dash cam may be severely outdated, with better features on newer models making it easier to share footage with friends and family or provide video evidence to insurance providers or the police. Here are 5 reasons why now is the time to upgrade your current dash cam, with Halfords offering a whopping 20% off a brand new Nextbase dash cam when you trade in your old one!

Better resolution

Just like other video cameras, dash cams record using specific video sizes, with larger pixel numbers indicating higher quality video and images. Older dash cams may record in 480p or 720p (the height of the video in pixels) which is ok, but way lower than what newer dash cams are capable of. By not recording at a minimum of 1080p (the standard for high-definition video), video may come out blurry or grainy on larger displays, with a lack of detail in each frame potentially resulting in your insurer being unable to use your video as evidence. Check out just how much sharper and clearer the images are on a Nextbase dash cam compared to cheaper alternative in the video below.

By opting for a higher resolution camera, you’ll have access to sharp and crisp images that won’t suffer from display problems, making life much easier for whoever is watching or making decisions based on the footage. For the best possible quality, opt for a 4K dash cam. These cameras offer incredibly high-quality images and you’ll be able to make out things like number plates and faces, even if the vehicle or person is far away from the camera.


Older dash cams usually get their power from the cigarette lighter outlet. This means you’ll be forever getting tangled in the trailing wire. Instead of dealing with these small hassles, you could get your new dash cam hardwired into your vehicle. Halfords can easily install a brand new dash cam directly onto your car’s dashboard or rear view mirror in-store, with all wires hidden and the cigarette lighter left free for those all-important phone and sat-nav chargers!

Parking Mode

If you’re currently using an old dash cam, then you probably won’t have access to a parking mode feature. Normally, standard and older dash cams record everything when the engine is on. However, if the engine isn’t running, then your dash cam won’t be capturing video thanks to a lack of power. With a new dash cam, parking mode tends to come as standard, offering everything from impact detection to motion detection. The Nextbase 412GW offers an intelligent parking mode which can be turned on via the menu settings for the dash cam. The dash cam will then power on and record a two-minute protected file when physical movement of the vehicle is detected, such as the car being bumped into or even someone walking past it. If no further physical movement is detected it will then enter standby mode, or continue to record another two minute file if the dash cam is activated again.

Improved viewing angle

In a nutshell, cameras with a wider viewing angle can record much more of what is in front of them. For dash cams, this means you’ll be able to see more of the road ahead and what’s going on towards the side of the car, important for side impacts or dangerous drivers cutting across your path. The recommended minimum viewing angle for dash cams is 140 degrees (that’s roughly the same as a human eye), but older or early dash cams may offer a viewing angle nowhere near this number.

Improved night-time recording

Despite there being less traffic on the road, night-time driving can actually be more dangerous thanks to a lack of natural light. Most dash cams come with low light features that allow video recording to continue even in the dark, but older cameras may create grainy, barely visible video that may not be of any use to the police or insurers.

Investing in a dash cam with enhanced low-light recording means you’ll be able to see much more on the video, even if it has been recorded on an unlit road. For unrivalled night-time video recording, dash cams with built-in Sony Starvis technology are some of the best, but the mid-range Nextbase 512GW also offers excellent recording in the dark.

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