We can’t think of many Christmas presents better than a bike – as well as being guaranteed jaw-droppers on Christmas Day and great fun to ride, they’re a great way to keep kids both big and small fit and active.

If you’re thinking about getting a bike for a little one or a loved one this Christmas, then we’re guessing you probably haven’t thought about having to put it together! Almost all of the bikes we sell at Halfords arrive in-store in a box, which you can then take home and build yourself.

But did you know we can build your bike for you? For bikes £350 and over, one of our expert technicians will fully build the bike and complete a safety check, completely free of charge. If you’re bike’s less than £350, we’ll do exactly the same for only £10.

Here are five reasons why our free bike build service could save you hassle this Christmas.

1. It’ll save you time

Unless you’re super-organised and really great at hiding presents, you’ll likely be buying your gift bike as close to the big day as possible. We’re guessing you’ll probably be buying every other present, the food for Christmas day and everything else in the same time frame too!

Instead of rushing around at the last minute then having to spend Christmas Eve in the shed or garage with your socket set, why not leave it to us? We’re building bikes right up until the week before Christmas if you reserve online and collect in-store, so you can get the rest of your shopping done before calling in to pick up your fully built bike!

2. We’ll recycle the packaging

The box your Christmas bike comes in can be pretty hefty, plus there’s other bits of packaging that help to protect the frame, wheels and components, so you’ll quickly fill up the recycling bin at home. If you let us build you bike for you, then we’ll happily recycle all of the cardboard and packaging.

If you’re struggling to find a way to wrap your bike up, check out our How to gift wrap a bike blog post.

3. We know what we’re doing

Although our bikes are pretty easy to put together, making sure the seat is at the right height and that the gears are aligned correctly can get fiddly, especially if you’ve never put a bike together before. We have bike experts in every Halfords store who know their brake cables from their crank bolts, plus we have every tool imaginable!

4. Little extra cost!

This one’s a no-brainer! For most bikes you won’t need to spend an extra penny on having your bike for Christmas built for you. For bikes less than £350, it’s only £10. You can even bring it back in-store any time for a free safety check!

Make sure your Christmas bike remains in top condition with CycleCare. Just like the annual service your car goes through, we’ll check your cables, replace your brake fluid and repair or replace tyres and inner tubes.

5. It’ll be safe to ride

Getting your new bike built is one thing, but making sure whoever is riding it isn’t going to end up having an accident is another. Ensuring brakes and brake cables are fitted correctly is crucial for obvious reasons, and getting saddles, pedals and handlebars tight enough so they don’t move as soon as someone starts riding goes a long way to preventing riders from losing control.

When we build your bike, we’ll put it through our five point safety check at no additional cost, so you’ll be getting a bike that has been given the once over by our experts.

If you’d like us to build your bike for you, then either select the ‘Build my bike’ option under the ‘Would you like it built?’ heading before you add the product to your basket online or just ask one of our colleagues in-store. We’ll then let you know when it will be ready, so you can head off and grab the rest of your Christmas shopping!