Whether your garage or workshop is simply somewhere to store your car and bikes, or a haven where you can tinker away on your latest project, let’s face it: it’s tricky to keep that space tidy and organised.

When was the last time you were able to locate that screwdriver set without having to paw through loads of boxes, shelves and cabinets? Or remember where you tossed those gardening gloves the last time you weeded the garden? Wouldn’t it be lovely to just know where things were?

Well, with these storage ideas, you can! Here are six types of storage that will help to bring some order to your garage, workshop or shed.

1. Boltless shelving units

Shelving units are an easy and cost-effective way to introduce much more storage space into your garage or workshop. What makes our Halfords Boltless Shelving Units particularly special are their quick, boltless assembly and modular design.

You can slot the rectangular shelving unit, corner shelving unit and overhead wall shelf together to create a bespoke storage solutions that works for the space you have available. You can even split the rectangular shelving units in half to create an instant workbench-storage space combo.

The versatility of these shelving units makes them a worthy addition to any garage or workshop.

2. Storage boxes

You might think that one storage box is much like another, but you haven’t met the Wham storage boxes yet. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, these boxes are strong, durable and designed to last (even in cold weather).

We particularly love them for their environmental credentials. They’re made from 100% recycled plastic, including old car bumpers, crates and bottle caps, which means that adding a Wham storage box to your garage is helping to stop more plastic from ending up in our oceans.

3. Organiser box

Nuts, bolts, screws, fixtures and fittings… yeah, they can be a bit fiddly and annoying to organise and store, can’t they? Well, not if you have a Wham organiser box to hand.

Like their fellow Wham products, these guys are made from recycled single-use household plastics and you can choose between 18 compartments or 19 compartments with a removable tray so there’s plenty of opportunities to split up your bits and bobs into handy sections.

4. Tool chests and cabinets

If your tool collection is threatening to take over your garage or workshop, then you can’t do much better than a tool chest or cabinet. They come in various shapes and sizes, from smaller portable tool chests and cabinets on wheels to larger chests and cabinets that combine to create a full-on storage set.

We particularly recommend the Halfords Advanced range because the units are strong, sturdy and have been designed to work perfectly with our modular tray sets. They’re an easy way to build the perfect tool storage solution for you.

5. Storage hooks

Storage hooks are a great way of putting empty wall space to good use. Whether you want to store your bike away safely, or even a roofbox, a storage hook will help to keep bulky or awkwardly-shaped items (sorry bikes) out from underfoot.

You could even make use of your ceiling space by going for a pulley system – just make sure you’re ceiling is high enough to accommodate one first!

6. Garage storage sets

The ultimate in garage or workshop organisation options has to be a garage storage set. These modular sets typically include floor cupboards, wall cupboards and drawer units, and come in a variety of sizes and compositions. They offer a wealth of sturdy storage space along with handy features like worktops and perfo panels where you can hang tools.

Just one word of caution: garage storage sets are pretty big, so we’d always advise measuring the available space before you invest to ensure that the set you’ve chosen will fit perfectly.

And there you have it: six ideas to help you to tidy up your garage or workshop and organise your space like a pro. Check out Halfords.com to explore our full range of storage products and happy organising!