Garages are really versatile spaces that have evolved from just somewhere to store your car to full-on workshops. Here at Halfords, we think there are 10 garage essentials that everyone needs to have – check them out below.

1. Workbench

Top of our list of garage must-haves is a good workbench. Whether you’re fixing a car part, working on your latest DIY masterpiece or simply doing a bit of tool cleaning, a workbench gives you a sturdy – and versatile – working space.

Our Halfords Boltless Workbench with 1 Drawer has a unique design that means you don’t need any tools to put it together – simply tap the parts into place with a rubber mallet. With dimensions of 122 x 56 x 111cm you’ve got plenty of space to work with, and the wide drawer and top shelf provide handy storage spaces for all of your tools and equipment. The workbench also supports up to 270kg, which makes it capable of taking on the big jobs.

2. Shelving

Despite our best efforts, most of us probably have a garage full of boxes, tins, large tools, garden implements and more. The easiest way to store these bulky items is by installing some shelving.

The Hilka Boltless Shelving unit is a great option. Heavy duty and simple to put together, the unit has five levels and can support up to 265kg. Get your hands on one of these and you’ll have everything stored away in no time.

3. Trolley jack and axle stands

If you like to get your hand’s dirty by fixing up your car, then you probably spend a lot of time underneath your vehicle – and that’s where a good trolley jack becomes essential. Check your vehicle’s weight, and the required entry and lifting height, before choosing the right one for you. And once it’s up, use a pair of axle stands to keep you safe while you’re putting in the hard work.

For extra comfort and convenience, why not invest in a car creeper? The Halfords Plastic Car Creeper is lightweight and comes with a padded headrest and handy recesses where you can store your tools. It’s perfect for gliding under your vehicle quickly and easily.

4. Garage matting

Garage mats bring a whole host of benefits including protecting the garage floor, helping to control dust and dirt, and making the surface more comfortable to work on. Our Halfords Black Floor Mat Set includes six 600 x 600mm interlocking matts that you can use to cover as much space as you need. They’re also easy to clean and water resistant, which is ideal for any garage.

5. Tool cabinet or tool chest

Every garage has tools, and whether it’s screwdrivers and spanners, or more specialist equipment, you’ll want to be able to find them when you need them. All of our Halfords tool cabinets and chests come with multiple drawers and are lockable, so you’ll not only be keeping your hand tools and power tools tidy, but safe and secure too!

Check out our recent blog article on the top tool storage solutions for a rundown of tool chest and cabinet recommendations.

If you find yourself in need of some new tools for your new Halfords tool cabinet, then look no further than the Halfords Advanced modular tray sets. These tray sets include a wide range of tools for a variety of automotive work, in a modular format that will fit perfectly inside your cabinet.

6. Socket set

A socket set is a key starting point for most automotive work, and they come in pretty handy for general DIY jobs too.

If you’re just starting out, and only looking to complete an oil change or change your spark plugs, then check out the Halfords range of socket sets. They come with Metric and AF sockets to suit a wide variety of automotive jobs.

Or if you’re going to be working on a more substantial project, then take a look at our Halfords Advanced socket set range instead. With upgraded specifications such as our 100T ratchets and surface drive spanners, as well as a wide range of automotive tools like breaker bars and wheel nut sockets, these socket sets are suitable for a wide variety of car-related jobs.

7. Screwdrivers

Used for everything from electrical work to putting together furniture, no garage should be without a screwdriver set.

Our Halfords Advanced range of screwdrivers come in various shapes and sizes, have grippy and comfortable, handles, and have magnetic tips that make it easier to retrieve hard-to-reach screws.

8. Torque wrench

A torque wrench is a vital tool when you’re working on a vehicle, as it ensures that screws and bolts are as tight as they should be… and no more!

Torque wrenches allow you to measure the amount of pressure being put through a fastener, to check that it matches the recommended specification. This is really important for safety when working on a vehicle, so no garage should be without one.

Our Halfords Advanced torque wrenches come in four sizes for different ranges of torque. They’re made in the UK by one of the world’s leading manufacturers, with proven accuracy across the range of each wrench, and come with the Advanced Lifetime Guarantee (on production of a valid calibration certificate) for added confidence.

9. Inspection lighting

Many of our garages in the UK can be a bit dim, especially if we need to shut the doors to keep out the inevitable rain. An inspection light or inspection lamp can come in really useful here, especially if you’re working with small parts or tiny fittings and want to avoid squinting.

We’ve got a wide range of Ring work lights and inspection lights that can be kept in your storage cabinet so they’re handy when you need them. Have a look at our article on inspection lamps to find out more.

10. Extension lead

You’ll need power for all kinds of garage and driveway activities, such as using power tools, pressure washers and even battery charging. With that in mind, check out our range of extension leads.

The SMJ 15m 13A Reel 4 Socket Pro Cable Reel is great for in-door use. Made from tough, impact-resistant plastic, the reel uses a dual drum design that makes it easy to wind the cable in and keep your garage tidy.

Top tip – for extra safety, add an RCD adaptor to protect against the risk of electric shock. It instantly cuts the power if you accidentally cut through a cable, for example.


And that concludes our list of the top 10 products you need in your garage! There are lots of other items to consider, of course, so make sure to visit to check out our full range of garage essentials.