Embarking on an epic road trip soon? Or perhaps driving long distances is the norm?

Whatever the reason, driving for prolonged periods of time can take its toll on new and seasoned drivers.

To help keep stress or fatigue levels to a minimum and boredom at bay, there are a few things you can do.

Here are our top 6 tips for driving long distances…

Always pack an emergency kit

Preparing for the worst could steer you out of a few sticky situations in the future. An emergency kit should contain anything from first aid necessities to spare fuses and engine oil.

A bottle of water is essential in the summer months to combat the heat, while a blanket and shovel may be required for the cold and extreme winter climates.

You can find a range of emergency kits on our website.

Bring enough entertainment options

The good news is that iSpy doesn’t make the list. We’re talking about making a killer playlist before you set off on your long car journey and blasting the tunes out in all their glory. Or if you fancy something a little more educational, you could opt for an audiobook instead.

From car stereos to amps and subs, make sure to kit out your ride with a top audio system.

Keep your car in top condition

Before even starting the engine, carrying out regular checks and ensuring your car is serviced can stop you from breaking down or prolonging your next big journey.

Every week, check your oil, water, fuel levels and tyre pressure. In fact, doing routine checks can also mean your car is more economical on your long trip too.

Stock up on food

If you have children joining you on your long car trip this is absolutely key. Offering a snack every thirty minutes of the journey or packing a selection of sandwiches can keep everyone happy and alert.

If you are on a tight timescale, try to avoid drinking gallons of fluids, or you may end up having to stop every twenty minutes.

However, if time is on your side, a picnic is a great way to break up the journey and recharge the batteries. We have everything you need for picnic perfection here.

Pack the car right

Packing your car with plenty of time to spare and thought can be the difference between stopping or not. After all, there’s nothing worse than realising you left your favourite snacks in the boot or having a rogue bag fly across the back seat.

A roof box is a great option. They’re not only the secure and safe option, but they also give you a lot more space in the car as well.

Stay fresh

According to ROSPA, tiredness contributes to approximately 20% of all road accidents in the UK every year.

Long car trips on the motorway can become very monotonous, so it’s vital that you take regular breaks or even share the driving with another person.