Here in the UK, battling the often wet and drizzly weather (in any season) can make driving a lot harder and more hazardous. Driving in heavy rain increases your stopping distances and reduces your visibility, making your journeys more dangerous, especially when your wiper blades aren’t clearing the water fast enough.

That’s where Duxback comes in – this innovative product keeps your windscreen and windows clear in the rain to help you stay safe on the roads.

What is Duxback?

This innovative technology was originally developed for the airline industry, and it’s now available for your car.

Duxback is a glass treatment that repels liquid-like water off a Duxback. Instead of behaving as it normally would, the water beads on the windscreen.

The hydrophobic qualities are so powerful that at speeds above 40mph, you don’t even need your wiper blades, as the water simply runs off the glass. Under 40mph, the water will spot instead of spreading so it’s much easier to see the road ahead of you.

It’s not only useful for rainy days – the repellent properties also work on ice and snow, so your windscreen will be quicker to defrost on winter mornings. Plus, cleaning is a breeze too with dirt, bugs, and road grime much easier to remove.

How does Duxback work?

Duxback is applied to your windscreen and windows as a liquid, then dries down and creates a hydrophobic barrier on your glass. This layer repels water, snow, and sleet, causing it to bead instead of spreading.

Duxback treatment is TÜV accredited, and research has shown that it can increase visibility by up to 35% in pouring rain and can improve your ability to identify a small object by 25%. At 40mph, that’s a reaction time improvement of a huge 58 feet.

It’s so effective, in fact, that car manufacturers such as Lexus and Porsche now apply Duxback to brand-new vehicles as an added feature.

How can I book it?

We can apply Duxback treatment at any of our Halfords garages, or right on your driveway with our Mobile Fitting service if you prefer. Either way, you can book a time and place to suit you over at

You can choose between three options as to how much of your car is treated: just the windscreen, the windscreen and front windows, or the whole car, depending on how much coverage you want.

The application should take around an hour, and the coating should last around six months, so it’s perfect to prepare for the wettest months. You can even get an extra 5% off with the Halfords Motoring Club Premium member discount.

Driving in heavy rain is tough, so why not improve your visibility and your safety with a Duxback treatment, either at a Halfords garage or at your home or workplace by a Halfords Mobile Expert.

To speak to a colleague about getting a Duxback treatment, just pop into your local garage where they’ll be more than happy to help.