It’s all very well having a garage full of car waxes and car polishes, but if you focus all your energy on final coatings and ignore the basics of car cleaning, your hard work is unlikely to last.

This is why the royal-warranted car care experts at Autoglym have recently launched four all-new products that address the fundamental components of car cleaning. These are the items that are deemed essential for all car owners, whether you’re a weekend washer or professional detailer. Each product represents something of an introduction to a company that has spent almost 60 years perfecting the art of car cleaning.

Car wash bucket

Few things are more foundation-level than a bucket. But, when it’s printed with the biggest logo in the entire Autoglym range, this new Car Wash Bucket clearly signals your intention to employ the company’s high-performance products from the outset. It holds 20 litres of water and is shaped so that it can be stacked. So, whether you’re a ‘one bucket will do’ sort of person or a subscriber to the two-bucket method, you’ll still only use the same amount of floor space.

Autoglym Car Wash Bucket 670342

Wash mitt

After choosing a suitable shampoo (Autoglym offers a few options here), the second fundamental issue is how to transfer water from the bucket to the car. Well, that’s just one of the jobs of Autoglym’s new Microfibre Wash Mitt. It fits over your hand like a giant glove, and while its plush microfibre noodles may look like you’re wearing a sea anemone, they act like individual sponges, soaking up the liquid yet also encouraging the foaming and lubrication agents in the shampoo. Additionally, the shape and texture of the noodles are designed to encourage contaminants into their grasp so they can be deposited into the bucket.

When you plunge the wash mitt back into the bucket of soapy water, the contaminants are usually released. But how can you ensure that they’ve come off? And what is to stop them becoming reattached to the mitt and causing swirl marks in the vehicle’s paintwork?

Grit guard

Autoglym’s new Grit Guard is the perfect solution for preventing swirl marks – the third essential product in our list. The guard is designed to fit snugly at the bottom of the bucket and its grid-like structure creates a barrier between clean and contaminated water. Dirt and debris that your wash mitt might have picked up while making contact with the vehicle either falls naturally through the guard or is dislodged by gently wiping the mitt across its multiple segments. Whatever the case, contaminants are trapped beneath to keep them out of harm’s way.

Let’s say that you’ve now successfully tackled the basics of washing your car and your vehicle is looking pristine after its regular weekend treat. How long does that finish last? Typically, not even long enough to see it through to the next regular wash. Given the hectic nature of modern life, few of us have the time to readjust our schedules to conduct another full clean that is out of the usual sequence. If only there was a product that could bridge the gap and provide a rejuvenating clean that is faster than a car shampoo yet more thorough than a detailing spray…

Autoglym Grit Guard 670678

Cleaning your car in between washes

Step forward, Autoglym QuikRefresh. As the name suggests, this time-friendly new product is designed to quickly refresh the appearance of your vehicle between full, regular washes and will support the effectiveness of any existing coatings. Once diluted in water, its wipe-on, wipe-off application would probably be approved by Mr Miyagi, as would its use of microemulsion technology to gently lift light layers of surface contaminants, holding them safely in suspension to minimise the risk of scratches and swirls. And unlike a car shampoo, no final rinsing or polishing is required to restore that just-washed appearance.

Autoglym QuikRefresh 671030

So, there you have it – Autoglym’s three steps to car cleaning basics. Plus, a fourth suggestion for when you need to clean your car quickly. Each of these products are perfect solutions to help you bring your vehicle back to life, ensuring a thorough long-lasting car clean.