Autumn cycling comes with its own set of challenges but, if you’re prepared, getting out and riding can be just as fun as it was a few months ago!

Take a look at this guide for our top tips for autumn cycling!

  1. Watch out for leaves!

Look at all the leaves! Pretty, isn’t it? As well as enjoying all the colours of autumn, you should be keeping an eye on what you’re riding over! Leaves on the road can be slippery, and so can drain covers and painted lines on the road when they’re wet. Avoid them if you can, and if you can’t, be very careful and try not to be steering or braking as you go over them.

  1. Visibility

Hopefully you’ve noticed the days getting a bit shorter! As well as the risk of getting caught out by the sun setting early, the shorter days mean you’re more likely to be out riding when the sun is low. You might also find yourself out in foggy conditions or (heaven forbid) in the rain! Make sure you’re visible by choosing the right lights and reflectors, and picking clothes to suit the conditions.

Check out our guide to making yourself seen and be enlightened!

  1. Clothing

As well as making you visible, your clothing should keep you warm! In the Autumn, you might be heading out when it’s really cold and coming home when it’s milder (or vice versa), as well as being at risk of the odd surprise downpour.

Look out for clothes that are adaptable or that you can take off part way through a ride, like arm warmers or a lightweight jacket or gilet. That way, you can quickly take off or put on clothing and stay comfortable!

  1. Tyres

Swapping your tyres is the biggest and easiest change you can make to your bike for the autumn. Debris on the roads means you’re more likely to get punctures, and you can also move to bigger tyres or lower the pressure to improve traction on wet roads.

Moving to a slightly heavier but more puncture resistant tyre for the autumn and winter can mean less time spent trying to fix punctures with cold hands!

  1. Bike servicing

Being caught out by mechanical problems is annoying at the best of times. Riding in the autumn and winter is hard on your bike, but if you look after it, it’ll look after you! Keep on top of cleaning and maintenance and you’ll catch any problems before they stop your ride.

If you don’t fancy doing it yourself, why not give it to us instead? We offer all kinds of bike repairs and maintenance, from drivetrain cleans to year-long service plans.

So there you have it – 5 tips for autumn cyclists! Dress right, ride carefully and take care of your bike and it’ll seem less like ‘soldiering on’ and more like enjoying the journey! To pick up everything you need to keep going all year round, head over to our site.

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