Whether your commute home is getting darker or you’re just hopping on your bike at an unusual time, having the right cycling equipment is essential.

To help you stay visible on your ride, we’ve put together a few top tips and a selection of the best bike lights available so you can maximise your safety in the dark.

Make sure you can see ahead

It may sound glaringly obvious, but one of the easiest ways to detect whether you’re visible to those around you is to check if you can see the road ahead.

For instance, if you’re struggling to see more than a metre in front of you, then the chances are a car might not notice you until the very last minute.

In which case, the Bikehut 1600 Front Bike Light is an absolute must-have. Developing a massive 1600 lumens, it’s the perfect light to make sure that you’re seen on darker country roads and poorly lit areas.

Be seen from behind

The same principle applies to your rear bike lights as well.

According to our latest research, 87% of rear-end collisions happen because motorists don’t see cyclists in time.

This is a scary thought as you can’t really control what people do behind you. The only solution is to make sure you’re kitted out with the best possible rear light.

Ideally, you want a bike light which flashes to draw attention to your presence. The Bikehut 100 Lumen Rear Laser Light projects a cycle lane onto the road to help prevent drivers from coming too close. Plus the welcomed addition of it being USB chargeable means you can do it while you’re at work ready for your ride home.

Widen your presence

To complement the rear and front lights, it’s also useful to make yourself appear wider as well. Especially when 55% of all cycling accidents happen side on at crossings, roundabouts and junctions.

The Cateye Orb Black Bar End Bike Lights increases your visible width on the road by projecting a lane to both sides of your bike. This can give drivers a better idea of the required distances they should be giving you when overtaking.

Always indicate

When you approach a turning, you can use the Bikehut Backpack Signal to let people know where you are going by pressing the device on the handlebars.

This can help to remove any level of confusion and prevent accidents from happening.

Use your head

As well as kitting your bike and rucksack out with all the gear, you should also consider yourself too.

By attaching the Halfords Helmet Light to the top of your helmet, you will make yourself look taller in the dark, so drivers can see lights low down, to the side and up high.

This will give you the best possible chance of being seen and staying safe in the dark.

For more handy pieces of cycling equipment which could help you on your travels, take a look at our previous blog: ‘Cycle tech – 7 things every cyclist needs’.

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