We’re pumped to have some of the best bike pumps on the market. From hand pumps for when you’re on the go to track pumps for at-home maintenance – our range has got all you need to keep your bike tyres in excellent working order.

Attach a hand pump to your bike frame or have a track pump at home for pre-cycle prep. Or do both! You’ll be well prepared for every eventuality and ensuring you have some great, uninterrupted time, on or off road.

Halfords Mini Bike Pump 

Nice and lightweight this compact plastic mini pump attaches easily to the water bottle mount on your bike frame or you can throw it in a backpack. This pump is great value for money, and ideal as a quick fix to get you back up and running if required.

Halfords Alloy Pump 

We like the look and feel of this sleek, compact pump. The lightweight, aluminium design makes it easy to carry around. And, its long barrel helps inflate bike tyres rapidly. Plus it has an auto-adjust valve feature. Small but mighty!

Halfords Dual Action Pump 

The dual action feature on this pump means that you can be twice as efficient, as it inflates on the way out and on the way in. The auto-adjust valve feature also means that you don’t need to worry about what valve you have on your bike, just pop it on and pump away. It also has a mini gauge, so you’ll know exactly where your bike PSI is at. 

Halfords Shock Pump 

A key piece of kit for any keen MTB rider. This pump is not for your tyres, but instead to maintain the air pressure in your suspension forks on performance MTB bikes.

Halfords Advanced High Volume/High Pressure Pump 

This pump has been designed specifically for MTB cyclists looking for a pump on the go. The High Volume function allows for easy inflation of wide tyres, whilst the High Pressure function allows you to achieve the specific PSI required for you bike. The large PSI gauge helps gives an easy read while you’re working too.

Halfords Advanced Road Pocket Pump 

With its sleek design, this pump has been designed with Road riders in mind. Specifically made for higher pressure tyres, this pump also features an extendable hose, allowing for a better grip whilst reaching the high pressures required on road bikes.

Halfords Essentials Track Pump 

This is a great no nonsense pump to have at home. It allows for higher PSI with minimum effort and it as good option if you have a few family bikes to maintain.

Halfords Track Pump

This track pump offers a little more with a gauge to measure PSI and a twin head valve if you’re needing a Presta and a Schrader option in the one pump.

Halfords Advanced Track Pump 

Our Advanced track pump has been designed with performance at the forefront. It has a large gauge to monitor PSI easily, as well as sturdy grips on the base. It also features a specially designed valve head which allows you to easily switch by flipping the valve around. We also added a bleed valve to allow you to release pressure and maintain the optimum and accurate PSI.

So, there you have it! A bike pump for every situation. Have a good look online at our bike pump range to see what takes your fancy. And, if you’re still a bit stumped about pumps, come on in to your local store and we’ll gladly help you make the right choice.

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