There are lots of reasons why you might need to lift your vehicle. It could be the simple matter of fixing a puncture. Or to access a component that needs maintenance. Whatever it may be, our newest range of lifting equipment is here to help.

Built to the highest standards and packed with the latest technology, there’s a lot to like about the new range. Let’s take a closer look.

What is car lifting equipment?

Lifting equipment is used to lift a vehicle so you can safely access underneath. Just as importantly, high-quality equipment will also protect the bodywork and components on your vehicle too.

But what types of lifting equipment are there? Within our new range, you’ll find…

Trolley jacks

Trolley jacks are hydraulic devices that use a long lever to raise and lower a vehicle. They have low profiles so they can easily fit under vehicles which also makes them easy to transport. As they offer stability, manoeuvrability, and robustness, they’re a popular choice for professional and at-home mechanics alike.

Trolley jacks have load limits, and our new range caters for various weights.

Halfords Advanced Trolley Jacks

Our Halfords Advanced range of trolley jacks have been redesigned to offer more stability, durability, and performance.

Available with a 1.5-ton or 2-ton load limit, they benefit from a unique double-pump, quick-lifting mechanism – so it’s quicker and less effort to raise your vehicle. There’s also a built-in safety valve which prevents overloading, giving you added peace of mind.

Each jack also comes with a spare jack pad. The only point of contact between the jack and your vehicle, the pads are important. That’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible to replace the original pad if it wears. And, as you’ll no doubt get lots of use out of your jack, we also have spare pads available online and in store.

Jack/axle stands

While trolley jacks are designed to lift your vehicle, they shouldn’t be used to support the weight while you work. For that, you’ll need a set of jack stands. Once a vehicle is raised by a trolley jack, you can insert these stands and they’ll safely support the weight of your vehicle.

Like trolley jacks, they also have weight limits, so you need to make sure you get an appropriate set for your vehicle. Our new range includes…

Halfords Advanced 4-Ton Magic Quick-Lift Jack Stand

When you’re working under a vehicle, you want full confidence in the jack stands. And with the Halfords Advanced Magic Quick-Lift Jack Stand, you’ll always have that peace of mind that your vehicle is stable and secure.

It’s built to be robust with a welded design providing additional strength and stability. The ratchet bar is constructed from ductile iron which provides increased strength and safety.

And that’s not all! The stand also features a patented quick-start system which allows you to raise the ratchet bar to the desired height by simply raising the locking handle. So, it’s robust, reliable, and easy to use.

Halfords 680kg Motorcycle ATV Jack Stand

It’s not just cars that need lifting. If you’re more at home on two wheels, then you need our Halfords 680kg Motorcycle ATV Jack Stand.

Easy to use, this motorcycle jack stand can easily be raised using the non-slip foot pedal and then locked in 3 different height positions using the self-acting mechanical lock.

And, of course, you’ll want to protect your pride and joy! That’s why the lifting platform has rubber padding which protects a motorcycle’s surface from scratches or any other damage.

Wheel dollies

Wheel dollies are great if you need to work on your vehicle from different angles. They’re small platforms with wheels that you can lower your tyres onto, allowing you to easily move a vehicle around…

Halfords Advanced 0.5-Ton Wheel Dolly

Like our new Halfords Advanced 0.5-Ton Wheel Dolly.

Coming with 360-degree rotating wheels, this wheel dolly allows you to easily move a vehicle in any direction – important when working in confined spaces.

Like every product in the range, it’s also designed to be robust and durable. That’s why each wheel skate is reinforced with heavy-duty rails (which also double up as carry handles!).

And with a load limit of 0.5 tons per dolly, they’re a great addition to any garage.

Wheel chocks

When lifting a vehicle, you need to ensure any wheels that aren’t being lifted are secured. Of course, you should have the handbrake on, but this isn’t necessarily enough to keep the vehicle stationary. For this, you’ll also need wheel chocks. These wedge against a tyre to prevent it from rolling. They can also be used when your vehicle is parked.

And (you guessed it!) we’ve got wheel chocks covered in our new range too…

Halfords Wheel Chocks

…with the Halfords Wheel Chocks.

These car wheel chocks are created using EVA foam, which creates added grip and support, and each chock can support up to 600kg. So, whether you’re working on your vehicle or want to keep it safely parked, you can always rely on the Halfords Wheel Chocks.

And there you have it, our new range of car lifting equipment. Packed with top tech and high-quality, durable designs, there’s a lot to like.

If you want to learn more about lifting equipment, check out our comprehensive guide.

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