Kitting out your garage or workshop with the best tools doesn’t need to be expensive. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some nifty hand tools and workshop products that can be yours for less than you might think.

1. Halfords 58-Piece Ratchet Screwdriver & Bit Set: £12.75*

First up we’ve got the Halfords 58-Piece Ratchet Screwdriver & Bit Set, which was named one of Auto Express’s ‘Best Buys’ for 2021. The 56 bits cover a wide variety of jobs, while the ratchet handle makes those jobs quicker and easier. There’s also a flexible extension to help you access those hard-to-reach-places.

2. Ring Utility LED Inspection Light: £5.00

In at number two is the Ring Utility LED Inspection Light. Small but bright, this light comes with a magnet and integrated hook so that you can hang it wherever you want. The anti-slip grip makes it easy to hold on to if you need to direct the light, while the tough ABS material keeps it safe if it does take a tumble.

3. Halfords 9-Piece Combination Spanner Set: £12.00

What’s better than one spanner? Nine of them, of course! And that’s what you get with number three on our list: the Halfords 9-Piece Combination Spanner Set. The nine different metric sizes will make short work of a variety of jobs and the professional quality steel makes them great value for money.

4. Halfords Advanced Breaker Bar 1/2″ Drive: From £15.99

Coming in at number four is the Halfords Advanced Breaker Bar 1/2″ Drive. Made from high quality steel, this bar will help you to loosen very tight fasteners that a standard socket wrench might struggle with. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee, which means we’ll replace it for free it if fails (as long as you were using it in the intended way).

5. Halfords 1/4″ 25 Piece Drive Metric Socket Set: £15.69

The Halfords 1/4″ 25-Piece Metric Socket Set brings us to the halfway point. This nifty little set gives you a 72-tooth 1/4″ drive ratchet, standard 1/4″ drive sockets and hex and screwdriver bits for non-bolt style fixings. Everything comes in robust carry case and with a two-year quality guarantee.

6. Draper Screen Touch Gloves: £1.50

Entry number six is our most budget-friendly item. The Draper Screen Touch Gloves not only keep your hands safe thanks to their polyurethane-coated palms and elasticated wristbands, but also allow you to operate a touchscreen. So, no more having to struggle out of your gloves to make a call, check something online or change the music track.

7. Halfords Essentials 52-Piece Tool Kit: £15.00

Anyone would benefit from having entry seven in their home. The Halfords Essentials 52-Piece Tool Kit contains all the basic tools you need for small jobs and emergencies, including pliers, a wrench, a ratchet, multiple sockets and hex keys. It all comes packed in a handy case for easy transportation too.

8. Halfords Extending Wheel Nut Wrench: £12.00

Number eight, the Halfords Extending Wheel Nut Wrench, will help to take the strain out of removing tricky wheel nuts. The 1/2″ drive socket is suitable for 17 and 19mm nuts, and the extendable handle offers useful extra leverage. It also comes with a two-year quality guarantee, for added protection.

9. Halfords 48-Piece Stubby Tool Set: £20.00

The Halfords 48-Piece Stubby Tool Set takes ninth place thanks to its combination of useful tools and affordable price. Those tools include a dual drive stubby ratchet, a stubby wrench, a stubby screwdriver, and assorted sockets and bits. The stubby design gives you greater access in tight areas and the moulded handles give you a comfortable grip.

10. Halfords Advanced 2-Piece Socket Adaptor Set: £5.00

Closing out the list is the Halfords Advanced 2-Piece Socket Adaptor Set. As the name suggests, these little guys allow you to use your existing drive sizes for your sockets, ratchets and extension bars, saving you both time and money. They’re also covered by the Halfords Advanced lifetime guarantee so it’ll be a fiver well-spent.

This is just a snapshot of our hand tools range, so if you’re looking for some more great products at affordable prices, then check out the link below.

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*Prices correct as of 21/07/2021