Whether you love a bit of exterior styling, or a novelty item dangling from the interior mirror, there are plenty of ways to customise your vehicle to add a touch of fun to your ride. From delightful stickers to furry dice, we’ve got a wide range of cool car accessories to take your car to the next level!

Winky Eye Stickers

Give your car a touch of personality with a pair of winky eye stickers – perfect for placing on your wing mirrors and providing great amusement to passers-by. These easy to attach self-adhesive stickers are the ultimate car accessory for anyone who loves to customise their car.

Winky Eye Stickers 447659


Cat Side Sunshades

Filter out the sunlight on your travels with the Cat Side Sunshades. They’re the purr-fect way to keep your car cool and reduce brightness in your vehicle. They come in a pack of two, so can be applied to each of your side windows. A cute yet handy car accessory – and cool, obviously!

Halfords Cat Side Sunshades - 2 Pack


Sunglasses Holder

A sunglasses holder is ideal for summer drives and road trips when you need to hang up your sunnies. Easily clip onto your sun visor for handy and convenient storage for your sunglasses. It’s a great way to save space and keep your car interior tidy and organised.

Halfords Visor Sunglasses Holder 265261


Furry Dice

It’s the ultimate novelty car accessory – the furry dice! Add some kitsch value to your car with these dangling from your interior mirror. They’re a fun addition to any vehicle and an easy way to add a bit of fun to your car interior.

Black Furry Dice


Flo’s Fancies PomPom Unicorn Air Freshener

Sometimes, air fresheners go beyond simply freshening up your car. They can also become an iconic interior accessory! Flo’s Fancies PomPom Unicorn Air Freshener is a perfect example. The magical unicorn design is nothing short of delightful, while the fruity cherry scent will leave your vehicle smelling fabulous.

Flo's Fancies PomPom Unicorn Air Freshener - Cherry


LuxCar Printed Roof Wrap – Leopard

Give your car that extra pizzazz with the Leopard Print LuxCar Printed Roof Wrap. A roof wrap is a simple but effective way of really making your car stand out from the crowd – but the application must be precise! If you don’t feel confident in applying it yourself, a car detailer or body shop will be able to help.

LuxCar Printed Roof Wrap - Leopard

P.S. If you want to take the leopard print theme seriously, consider the Halfords Leopard Print Steering Wheel Cover and Selt Belt Cover!

Wireless Charging Holder

The Halfords Wireless Charging Holder is a handy device that helps you charge your phone on the go. The suction cup mounts to your windscreen, keeping your phone secure and allows you to charge wirelessly, so it’s tidy and convenient. The 360-viewing position also allows you to view your phone from all angles.

Halfords Wireless Charging Holder

Striped Memory Foam Seat Belt Pads

Seat belt pads are a great way to give your car interior a pop of colour whilst also providing padding and comfort while driving. If our leopard print offering is a bit much for you, the Halfords Memory Foam Seat Belt Pads are a great alternative! They come in a bold stripey design to add a stylish touch to any car. They come in pairs so both driver and passenger can ride in style and comfort.

Halfords Striped Memory foam Seat belt pads


Dog Tail Wiper Sticker

If you love a novelty car accessory, then you’ll love the Dog Tail Wiper Sticker! The cute Dalmatian design is self-adhesive and easy to attach. Watch the dog wag its tail as the wiper swishes away! It’s a great addition for adding a touch of fun to your vehicle and is perfect for dog lovers.

Dog With Tail Wiper Sticker


Carbon Effect Drinks Holder

Securely hold your drinks with the Halfords Carbon Effect Drinks Holder. It holds cups and cans up to 70mm diameter so you can grab and store drinks on the go easily and effortlessly. The sleek design will also add a touch of class to any car interior.

Halfords Carbon Effect Drinks Holder


Chrome Gear Knob

If your gear shifter needs a new lease of life, the Simply Competition Chrome Gear Knob is a must! The high-quality and durable design provides a sleek finish to any car interior. It’s easy to install and will fit most cars with manual transmission.

Simply Competition Gear Knob Chrome 310990


And that concludes our list of cool car accessories! Whether you’re looking to add fun, style, or convenience to your car interior or exterior, we’ve got the perfect accessory for you. Browse our full range of cool car accessories online now.