Looking for a new e-scooter? Great choice! E-scooters are constantly growing in popularity, and there’s never been a better time to purchase one.

And here at Halfords, we have a wide range of e-scooters for every type of rider. Now, we’re adding to this range with the new Indi EX-1 and Indi EX-2 electric scooters. Combining style and performance with an urban feel, we’re confident they’re going to be a big hit.

Want to find out more? Let’s take a look at the new Indi electric scooters.

Indi electric scooters at a glance

Indi EX-1 Electric Scooter

·       Max speed: 15.5mph

·       Max range: 12 miles/20km

·       Typical range: 8 miles/13km

·       250W motor

·       3 riding modes + walking mode

·       IPX5 water-resistant rating

·       8” pneumatic front tyre and solid rear wheel

·       Front drum brake and rear electric brake

·       Multifunctional LED display

·       Bright LED lights and flashing brake light

Indi EX-2 Electric Scooter

·       Max speed: 15.5mph

·       Max range: 18 miles/30km

·       Typical range: 13 miles/21km

·       350W motor

·       3 riding modes + walking mode

·       8.5” pneumatic front and rear wheel

·       Front drum brake and rear electric brake

·       IPX5 water-resistant rating

·       Multi-functional LED display

·       Bright LED lights and flashing brake light


So, that’s the key stats, but what else can you expect?

Stylish and lightweight designs

Let’s be honest, looks are important, and you won’t be disappointed with Indi’s new e-scooters.

Coming in a range of colourways, each e-scooter offers a stylish, urban-inspired look (the EX-2’s Neo Chrome design is a real head turner!). So, don’t be surprised if you get some envious glances.

Beyond the style, every other aspect of the scooters is carefully designed, all with the rider in mind. Take the lightweight frames for example. The EX-1 weighs in at only 13kg, while the EX-2 is 14kg. They’re incredibly lightweight! And that’s important as it makes them easier to carry and control. Combined with the quick folding mechanisms, you can fold the scooters down in seconds and then easily carry them.

And then there’s the IPX5 waterproof rating which ensures both e-scooters are water and puddle-proof – important when riding in the UK!


That’s style and practicality taken care of, but what about performance?

Well, both e-scooters pack a punch thanks to their 250W (Indi EX-1) and 350W (Indi EX-2) motors. This power really comes into its own on any steep hills, with both motors capable of handling gradients up to 13% (the EX-2 can tackle anything up to 15%!). Most e-scooters would be struggling at such dizzying gradients, but not the EX-1 or EX-2.

Of course, you won’t always need the motors’ full capacity and both e-scooters have 3 power levels plus a walking mode. Add on to this impressive maximum ranges of 12 and 18 miles and you’ve got e-scooters that perform as well as they look.

Safe ride

Most importantly of all, Indi has integrated top safety technology into the designs – helping you keep safe as you ride.

This includes front and rear lights, plus a flashing brake light. The brake light activates when you pull the brake lever while the lights can be turned on with a simple press of the power button. They’re great additions that help keep you visible as you ride.

And, of course, both scooters have powerful brakes – a front drum brake and rear electric brake. They’re electric scooters that offer confidence going both up and down hills.


Ultimately, the Indi EX-1 and EX-2 are designed for fun.

Whatever terrain you’re riding on, you’re sure to have an epic ride. And with stylish looks to boot, there’s a lot to like about the Indi EX-1 and EX-2.

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Legal warning:

It’s currently illegal to ride a privately owned e-scooter on a public road, pavement, cycle lane or bridleway. Privately owned e-scooters can only be ridden on private land with the permission of the landowner.

Customers should be aware that if they use a private e-scooter illegally, they could face a fine and penalty points on their licence, and the e-scooter could be impounded.