Whether you’re pitching up near or far, with the right mix of equipment and a bundle of fun, there’s no doubt it will be a great trip.

After a full day of family time and whatever activities take your fancy, there’s nothing better than snuggling up under the stars for a well-earned rest (and maybe a toasted marshmallow or two…) But that’s not to say being at one with mother earth doesn’t come hiccup-free! Check out these handy hacks and quick tricks to make for a seriously happy camping trip.

  1. A little TLC

Rather than lugging a full first aid kit on your adventure, use an old, empty prescription bottle and fill it with a few plasters/painkillers. That way you can keep it with you when you venture off-site, for any unexpected boo-boos or pesky headaches.

2. An egg-cellent idea

Fill an empty egg box with lumps of coal and simply light the carton. No mess or fussing with kindling and cardboard.

3. Botanical brilliance

Once you’ve got the campfire roaring simply add a couple of bundles of sage to keep the mozzies at bay. That way you won’t have to bother with the stinky insect repellent! Buzzin’!

4. Feelin’ fruity

Remember opal fruits? Or starburst as they’re more recently known? At the risk of sounding a bit random, stick one on the end of a skewer and roast it on the fire. You’ll be left with toasted, crunchy goodness on the outside, and a gooey sweet surprise on the inside. We don’t need asking twice!

5. Tape the way

If you’re heading off-trail, mark your route with some brightly coloured sticky tape! That way you’ll easily find your way back to basecamp even if your phone dies.

6. Burnt to a crisp

Taken a packet of Doritos for your midnight feast? If you can spare a couple then they make for great fire starters! (+ added aroma of chargrill chicken=winner).

7. You must be yolking

Did you know you can crack up to eight eggs in a small water bottle? Simply store it in your coolbox and you can look forward to scrambled eggs at sunrise! Now who’s on toast duty?

8. Glow rover, glow!

Taking the pooch with you? Pop a glow stick on his collar in case he decided to go for a midnight mooch! (oh and in that case keep a pair of flip-flops handy in case you’ve got to make a mad dash across the field!)

9. Roll up!

Mum knows best for a reason, rolling up your clothes, towels and even socks will save you room packing! Plus, as an extra quick tip, if you roll up outfits together you won’t waste time scrambling around for odd socks when you could be exploring! Result.

10. Little scavengers!

It can be tricky to unload the car and set up your site whilst the kids are running amock! Draft up a scavenger hunt before you go, then when you arrive task the little ones with finding everything on their lists (keeping them in sight of course), and that way you can concentrate on pitching up without having to worry that they’re bored.

Anything we’ve missed? Share your top tips below.

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