It’s that time of the year again when we can start to emerge from hibernation and remember what it feels like to see daylight before and after work. That’s right folks, spring is here.

And with the cold weather behind us (famous last words), there’s no better time to reconnect with the great outdoors.

Whether your middle name is Bear Grylls or you aren’t quite sure if you can live without your home comforts for a week, we’ve put together some top reasons why camping is an absolute must this spring.

  1. It’s cheap as chips

Let’s face it – a lot of us like a bargain. While you might associate camping with people in space-age fabrics struggling to put up an impossible tent in a howling gale, it’s actually a really cheap and easy way to spend a weekend (or longer).

Once you have all your camping equipment, you’re ready to book a pitch at a moment’s notice and head off on a little getaway. As you can probably guess, booking a pitch is normally much cheaper than a hotel. You can head off on your hols without having to worry about flights, baggage restrictions or hotel transfers.

  1. Be at one with the great outdoors

This is probably one of the biggest clichés when it comes to camping – but that’s also because it’s one of the biggest reasons to do it! You can enjoy a bit of peace and quiet away from civilisation (or at a comfortable distance, if you’re not quite as adventurous). Camping is also a wonderful opportunity to put down the technology, chill out for a while and really get up close with nature – you know, fields and stuff.

  1. Bond with your friends and family

We hope that you’re already pretty close to your family and friends. However, going out camping and spending some time together away from distractions is a great way to enjoy one another’s company. That might mean getting active by going out on hikes, or just sitting around the campfire for a natter – it’s up to you!

  1. Camping food

Camping doesn’t necessarily mean eating cold beans.Why not make the most of some outdoor eating by cooking up your favourite campfire treats? Whether you’re baking potatoes or toasting marshmallows, it’s always a laugh trying to cook without an oven, and getting heckled by family or friends tends to make matters worse! Everything tastes better outdoors anyway, so a burnt sausage or burger suddenly becomes a feast fit for a king.

  1. It’s good for your health!

No, really – camping is great for your physical and mental well-being. Of course, camping holidays normally give you a lot more exercise than sitting at your desk or in front of the TV, but there are plenty of other benefits. These include:

  • Sleep – because most of the lighting when you’re camping is natural, you end up going to sleep when the sun goes down and waking up when it comes up. That helps reset your sleep cycle and leaves you feeling more rested.
  • Happiness – the extra oxygen, sunlight and exercise make your brain produce serotonin, a chemical which makes you feel happier.
  • Less stress – as well as feeling happier, being outside can help relieve stress, which has a huge number of health benefits in itself. If the idea of struggling to put up a tent with your loved ones has your blood pressure on the rise, worry not. Modern pop-up tents or air tents go up and down in seconds, leaving you free to chill out and enjoy your holiday.

So, fancy heading out into the great outdoors and getting away from it all? For more advice check out our post: ‘Our Top Ten Camping Hacks’

Or if you need to buy some camping gear, take a peek at our range of tentscamping equipment, and air beds. We’ve got everything you need for camping holiday success.