Greater sustainability, increased power, more affordable: it’s fair to say that the future of transport is looking electric. If you’re a keen cyclist, you might be sceptical that electric bikes can ever compare to the feel of traditional models, or that you’ll get the same satisfaction from riding one.

There are many misconceptions about e-bikes, and a lot that riders of any ability can get out of them, so we’re breaking down why making the transition to an electric model might be right for you.

Ride harder for longer

Extend your ride

Mountain biking is a great way to work out, giving you chance to push your body and have fun doing it. Since it uses up so much energy, you may have had to cut rides shorter than you’d like in the past. If you do want to extend these rides and enjoy a full day of tearing up the trails, then an electric bike could be the answer.

E-bikes have a battery-powered motor that provides assistance as and when you need it, giving you an extra boost to be able to ride further and faster. However, the motor only kicks in if you’re actively pedalling, and all assistance stops if you reach over 15.5mph, so you’ll still be able to feel the benefits of the workout. It’ll just give you an extra push up a particularly steep hill, or help you reach your top speed quicker, so you can channel this conserved energy into a longer ride.

The assistance level can also be altered depending on how gruelling you want the ride to be, so whether you’re cooling down or ramping up the intensity, you can tailor the bike to your needs and enjoy longer days in the saddle.

Tackle hills with ease

If you’re hitting the trails with friends, you’re likely keen to focus on the thrills of the downhill runs, without straining to pedal back up to the top or paying for an uplift service.

With an e-bike, you can harness its additional power to give you a boost on steep hill climbs, meaning you can conserve your energy for the exciting runs. Plus, you can also earn kudos from your friends with normal mountain bikes by towing them uphill, too.

If you’re more of an adventure rider, and frequently scaling hills is a practical necessity, then an e-bike is a great choice. The Boardman ADV 8.9E Men’s Adventure Electric Bike combines the precision performance of a Boardman bike with the added boost of a motor, capable of producing 250W of power assistance.

With a sophisticated Fazua Evation drive system offering smooth and powerful electric assistance as you pedal, you’re sure to keep up on the hills. The battery and motor can also be removed and replaced with a lightweight cover, meaning you can convert your e-bike into a standard bike in seconds, with barely any weight penalty.

Go further

Another benefit of making the switch to electric is that it gives you the opportunity to ride further afield. The addition of the motor means that you can carry on riding for longer without feeling fatigued since you’re not exerting as much energy to travel the same distance as you would on a standard bike.

This means that you’ll have the opportunity to explore more of your surroundings, basking in the Great British outdoors and finding some new routes to ride through.

Improve your fitness

A common misconception about electric bikes is that they’re a way to ‘cheat’, meaning you can coast along with the motor doing all the hard work for you. In reality, e-bikes can only supply power if you’re already pedalling, and the bike won’t move at all if you’re not moving your feet.

Plus, all e-bike motors are capped at 15.5mph, so you might find you’re riding unassisted a lot of the time if you’re already a proficient rider. In this scenario, the motor is there to give an additional boost on steep hills and rough terrain, as well as offering quicker acceleration to get you up to your top speed sooner. Since you’re exerting less energy in these earlier stages, you can put more effort into the high-intensity segments of your ride, so you’ll actually be getting more valuable exercise on an electric bike.

Plus, less taxing rides mean less recovery time, so you’ll likely be ready to get back in the saddle sooner and ride more often too.

Tackle the daily commute

Electric bikes don’t have to be just for high-intensity riding – they’re also perfectly suited to a journey most of us take every day. For many commuters, getting caught up in rush-hour traffic or squeezing into a packed carriage can be the most dreaded part of their day. E-bikes are the perfect remedy to those commuting headaches, letting you focus on the working day.

If you enjoy spending your free time in the saddle, then switching to an electric bike for your journey to work could be a great way to rack up some more miles, clear your head, and avoid the traffic.

Arrive fresh

A main drawback of standard bikes for the average commuter is the effort it takes to reach your destination, leaving you hot and sweaty by the time you arrive at work. An electric bike provides the perfect solution. You’ll still experience all the benefits of cycling – the fresh air, freedom, and the workout – while having motor assistance available as and when you need it, taking the strain out of the commute and leaving you feeling fresh and ready for your day.

Beat the traffic

City traffic can also be a big frustration for commuters; the traffic moving in fits and starts not only holds up your journey, but the stagnant engines emitting fumes can also be unpleasant to sit in. An e-bike can help you to escape polluted areas quicker since you can accelerate from a stationary position without excessive strain. This is also ideal for weaving through any traffic jams, as well as navigating junctions and traffic lights.

Save over time

Something on everyone’s mind right now is cutting costs where you can – with an electric bike, you can save money over time after the initial one-off outlay. Even better, you can also lock prices today and pay later with Klarna on our adult bikes and pay in 12 instalments on orders over £199 with 0% APR.

With an electric bike, you won’t need to pay for fuel or a daily train or bus ticket, and the energy cost of recharging the battery works out to be much cheaper than these options. E-bikes are also zero-emission vehicles since they emit no tailpipe emissions or noise, so you’ll be able to navigate the clean air zones found in major cities without having to pay any tariffs.

It may seem difficult to calculate the exact savings of commuting by bike, but we’ve got a handy tool to help. Try out our ‘Cyculator’ to see how much you could be saving on your commute.

So, electric bikes are convenient, fully customizable to your needs, and affordable. They’re a great option for high-ability riders, whether you’re riding for leisure or to get to work.

If you’re still not sold, why not book a free electric bike trial? This ultimate try before you buy means you can take a Halfords electric bike for a free trial run and experience all the benefits of riding an e-bike first-hand. Just choose your local store and desired bike and collect it on the day.

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