If you’re in the market for a new socket set, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 reasons why a Halfords Advanced socket set could be just what you need.

1. 100 tooth ratchets

Our socket set range includes 100 tooth ratchets. The ultra-fine mechanism allows the ratchet to turn with just 3.6 degrees of movement, which is perfect for working in tight spaces.

2. Surface drive plus spanners included

All of the spanners in our Advanced socket sets come with surface drive plus technology. This small indentation in the open end of the spanner delivers 28% more torque before rounding.

3. Hex, torx and spline bits included

We’ve included hex, torx and spline bits to cover the majority of “non-bolt” style fixings. These come in long and short reach, with a thick 10mm shaft to reduce the chance of breaking.

4. Pinless universal joints

The 200-piece socket set set includes an upgrade to pinless universal joints, which give a much smoother movement through 360 degrees.

5. Wide range of 6 metric 6-point sockets

We’ve included a huge range of standard sockets, from 4mm to 36mm, and deep sockets from 4mm to 27mm in our largest set.

Looking for an imperial socket set? Check out our modular tray range!

6. Designed by professionals, for professionals

Our socket sets have been designed using feedback from industry experts to ensure that they equip you for a huge range of jobs on your vehicle.

7. 18” breaker bar and nylon coated sockets included

For many jobs on your vehicle, the first thing you need to do is to remove the wheels. That’s why we’ve included an 18” breaker bar and nylon coats wheel nut sockets in many of the sets, so that you have everything you need to get straight to work.

8. Robust cases

All of our sets have strong cases, with wide metal latches and pin hinges to make them as robust as can be. Look out for the small hole at the top so you can thread a small padlock through to make sure your new socket set stays complete.

9. Ratchet spanner adaptors included

The 200-piece socket set set not only includes 72 tooth ratchet spanners, but it also comes with a range of three ratchet spanner adaptors. These allow you to convert one of your spanners into another ratchet when you need it, with the added benefit of a slimmer design for difficult access.

10. Lifetime Guarantee

Finally, we wouldn’t write Halfords Advanced on the tools if they didn’t come with a lifetime guarantee! Should a Halfords Advanced hand tool fail whilst being used for the job it was designed for, it will be replaced. Simply return the product to your nearest Halfords store.

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