From playing down the park with friends to getting to school in style, kids scooters are the cool way for your little one to get from A to B.

They’re also the ideal way to:

  • Develop good motor skills
  • Encourage more exercise
  • Get your little one outside
  • Build confidence and social skills

However, before you scoot on down to your nearest Halfords to buy a kids scooter, you might want to read our top buying tips.

A balancing act

Whether you’re buying a three wheel scooter for kids or a regular two wheeler, your child needs to feel comfortable scooting.

For instance, if your little one can’t ride a bike without stabilisers, they might struggle to balance on a two wheeled scooter.

Three wheel scooters give your child more of a surface area to balance with ease, making them perfect to build confidence and get the ball (or wheels) rolling on their scooting adventures.

When you visit your local Halfords store, get your child to test out our range of kids scooters and see how they balance and push off from a stationary position. This might give you a better understanding of what type of scooter they need.

Weight is everything

Kids scooters vary in weights due to the different metals every brand uses to create them. A heavier kids scooter will require more effort to move and make it harder for some to transport.

Get the weight wrong and you could see your child’s interest in scooting be over in a flash. Always consider practicality. This includes whether it’s easy to carry or if it folds away.

Location, location, location

While testing in-store, think about where your child will use their scooter the most. Down the park on bumpy services? On a smooth road around your house? Or on a long journey to school?

Once you’ve established how frequently they’ll use it and the kind of terrain they’ll face, you’ll get a better understanding of how much you need to spend on one.

Don’t forget style

While performance might be important, style is king. There are lots of different colours and designs to choose from, so you shouldn’t have too many problems finding the perfect one.

Here at Halfords, we have a huge range of kids scooters to choose from. You can see them here.