Kids scooters are one of the best present options for every holiday or occasion.

Not only are they fun to ride around on, but they are a great way to keep your little one fit and healthy.

Whether they use them to get to and from school everyday or for exploring the great outdoors on a weekend, the possibilities are endless with a super cool kids scooter.

Still not convinced? Then maybe these mind-blowing scooting facts will leave you head over wheels about them!

A rite of passage

According to our latest survey of 2000 parents, 47% of them believe that learning to ride a kids scooter is just as important a rite of passage as learning to ride a bike.

This suggests that parents see it as a vital part of understanding freedom and the basics of road safety and awareness.

Better balance

The same Halfords survey also revealed that 25% of parents have seen their little one’s balance and sense of direction improve.

Improved hand-to-eye coordination

Learning how to use a kids scooter requires concentration and a level of good hand-to-eye coordination.

In fact, 20% of parents say that they’ve seen a vast improvement in this area since their child has started using a scooter.

Higher performance at school

If concentrating is something your little boy or girl struggles with, scooting may actually help in that department too!

Our survey also found that 10% of parents had seen better concentration levels at school by simply letting them use a scooter!

Scooting lanes

Just like dedicated cycling lanes, 35% of parents are keen to see the same idea implemented for scooters too.

This will not only make things safer for your children while they scoot from A to B, but it’ll help put your mind at rest as well.

Kids scooters save the environment

How much do you think you spend on petrol taking your child to school every week?

Well, according to Micro Scooters, if all 500,000 Micro scooter users travelled just one mile each way to school every day, that will save parents across the UK a combined total of £130,000 in petrol costs.

This is not only great for everyone’s back pockets, but it can save over a tonne of CO2 carbon emissions per family in the process too!

Scooting is here to stay

If you think kids scooters are a present that’ll be forgotten about in a few months, think again.

As well as there being active ways to prolong the use of them, like our free lifetime safety checks, there are also calls from parents to bring in further incentives in schools too.

Most notably, 35% of parents believe there should be incentives to encourage children to scoot to school in the form of vouchers.

Have we blown your mind? To see our full range of kids scooters, take a look at our full range today.

Need a hand picking the perfect scooter? Then you may find our essential guide handy.

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