With Dash Cams becoming more and more popular, these handy in-car gadgets are capturing more incidents on our roads, from the obscene to the absurd. While the majority of this footage goes unseen, every now and then a road user will capture an incident of dangerous driving, whether themselves involved or not, that warrants reporting to the police.

To address the issue that has arisen of road users not being able to get this footage in front of the relevant forces, our friends at Nextbase have built a universal means of submitting video directly to the police.

Called the National Dash Cam Safety Portal, it aims to improve the safety of our roads by targeting the culprits of the worst incidents of dangerous driving. Road users can submit video footage captured on a Dash Cam – or any other recording device – of serious incidents directly to the relevant police force.

To help you get a better understanding, we’ve put everything you need to know below.

What are the benefits of the National Dash Cam Safety Portal?

Despite the growth of Dash Cams, there has, until now, been no universal means of submitting a piece of video footage to the police in a format that would allow them to view it. In the most extreme cases, road users have been asked to copy content onto memory drives and post them, which can take up quite a lot of time.

However, the National Dash Cam Safety Portal drastically streamlines this process, letting road users who have witnessed a serious incident to submit their footage simply and quickly. This significantly reduces the amount of time it takes for the police to process clips from a minimum of 14 hours on average to just a few minutes.

Nor does Nextbase anticipate it wasting police time through increased amounts of footage submitted, since it’s not about ‘small transgressions’ – it’s about catching the drivers who pose a risk to other road users. Indeed, incidents have to be of sufficient severity for the uploader to be willing to go to court.

Director of campaigns at road safety charity Brake, Joshua Harris, said: “This Portal is an elegant solution, which enables the police to process this vital data without wasting their scarce resources”.

While it remains in the hands of the police to decide whether to prosecute, the Portal can help speed up the process of justice. But, rather than being about increasing prosecutions, Richard Browning, director of Nextbase, highlights that “this is about road safety and saving lives, it’s about being preventative and stopping dangerous drivers causing injury or death before that scenario occurs.”

Do you need a dash cam?

A dash cam can help give you an extra set of eyes on the road. While some may not fancy buying another accessory for their cars, the cost of being caught in an insurance claim where liability cannot be determined without video evidence can come at a much bigger price in the long-run.

According to a YouGov study, 32% of drivers feel safer on the roads when they have a car dash cam, with 29% admitting to buying one to keep insurance costs down.

Further research also revealed that 17% of drivers who own a dash cam would consciously drive more carefully.

Nextbase’s Dash Cam Safety Portal offers road users peace of mind by combining technology and convenience, whilst improving road safety for all.

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