Spring is upon us and with the longer days comes lighter nights, giving us that extra hour of sunlight to enjoy. It’s the perfect stepping stone towards the summer we’ve all been waiting for (and which is hopefully on its way thanks to the government’s plan to ease lockdown restrictions).

Check out our list of great ways to spend a little bit of time in the evening sunshine and make the most of that extra hour this spring.

1. Washing the car

Spending some time with a bucket of soap and your beloved four wheels is no longer restricted to weekends. If you car is sitting on the drive doing nothing, sometimes the best therapy can be found in restoring your ride back to it’s former glory! You’ll feel so much better when you can finally get into a sparkling clean car. From shampoo to chamois, and pressure washers to polish, you can find everything you need on Halfords.com.

2. Al fresco dining

With lighter, warmer evenings approaching, so is the opportunity to dine outside. Give the garden a little TLC and throw some cushions on your garden furniture, then enjoy your evening meal in the fresh air. If your outdoor space has weathered some of the signs of winter, blast away the cobwebs with an award-winning pressure washer from our Karcher range!

3. Evening cycle

Whether it’s a solo cycle down the lanes or a fun-filled hour with your household, an evening ride is a great way to get in a dose of fresh air. It needn’t take too long; just half hour behind the handlebars is the perfect way to add some extra fun to the end of your day. Just keep the government’s social distancing guidance in mind and stay safe as you saddle up this spring.

4. Evening cycle… electric-style

An e-bike is the same as a mechanical bike, but with the ability to power up when you need a little boost. Simply pedal as you would on a push bike, then turn the power on to get there further, faster, and fresher! It’s another great way to enjoy the outside, safely, on a lovely spring evening.

How will you spend your evenings this spring? Whether it’s washing the car or exploring your local area on two wheels, we hope you have fun and make the most of that extra hour.