We might expect the summer to bring endless blue skies and glorious sunshine. Here in the UK, however, we usually get a few summer showers as well.

The rain can make driving more difficult – especially after a period of dry weather – as you’re more likely to skid and lose traction on the road. The good thing is that there are several steps we can take right now to get our cars ready for whatever the summer weather throws at us, rain or shine.

1. Get your car road-ready

First things first, you need to make sure that your car is safe to drive and that everything is in working order. Here at Halfords, we’ve got a great range of car checks and assessments to reassure you that your car is safe and reliable. For general vehicle maintenance, we’ve got both a 5 Point Car Check and a 10 Point Car Check, to cover all the key areas of your car, from headlights and wiper blades to your battery and oil levels.

We also have a range of free checks for specific components in your car. To cope with summer showers, we’d recommend getting a Free Brake Check. It’s important that your brakes are working well in wet conditions, as the braking distance increases and you’re more likely to slide on the road. Our friendly, expert technicians will check all aspects of your braking system to make sure that you can stop when you need to.

2. Check your tyres

With everything working as it should, you’ll next want to make sure your tyres are up to scratch by checking your tyre pressure and tread depth. The Halfords Digital Tyre Pressure/Tread Gauge is the perfect assistant here, providing quick and accurate readings on a clear LED display.

Want to avoid any hassle? Let us do it for you! With our Free Tyre Check, one of our expert technicians will carry out a pressure check, inspect the tread depth, and check for any wear and damage to ensure your tyres are safe and legal. It’s completely free, and you can choose a time and garage to suit you.

You may also want to consider swapping your tyres to all-season tyres – they’re designed to give you a confident, safe driving experience all year round without the need to change tyres twice a year. That means that instead of having summer tyres that struggle to cope when it rains, you’ll be prepared for whatever the weather throws at you – read more about the benefits of all-season tyres in our dedicated guide. Even better, with our mobile fitting service, one of our Mobile Experts can fit the tyres right on your drive or at work. We can come to you 7 days a week between 8am – 8pm, so you can avoid the trouble of leaving the house.

3. Keep your windscreen clear

There’s nothing worse than a dirty, smeared windscreen and an empty screenwash reservoir, especially in the summer months with dust and pollen filling the air. Add in some rain and you’ve got a smeared, grimy windscreen and poor visibility.

Avoid getting caught out and get ready for summer showers at the same time by stocking up on Halfords -10 Ready To Use Screenwash, or save on waste – and boot storage space – with the Halfords Super Concentrate. Both are easy to use, and you can top them up yourself, or pop down to your local Halfords and we’ll do it for you for free.

Upgrading your wiper blades is another great way to keep your windscreen crystal clear. Like most things, your wiper blades will suffer from wear and tear over time, so you’ll need to replace them at some point. Why not upgrade them at the same time? For the best defence against a downpour, upgrade to flat silicone blades and benefit from their cutting-edge hydrophobic technology. Want to know more? Our article on why you should upgrade your wiper blades has got you covered, while our vehicle registration checker will help you find the right wiper blades for your car.

4. Safeguard your visibility

Having a clear windscreen is important, but all your windows have a part to play when it comes to maximising your visibility when it rains. Rain-X Rain Repellent is a great product to have in your arsenal to combat any sudden showers. Applied to the windows of your car, it seals the microscopic pores on the glass to create an invisible water-repellent barrier and works with the natural airflow of the car to disperse any raindrops, giving you maximum visibility even in a downpour.

You can also counteract any showers with our Duxback Glass Treatment, a professional-quality car glass treatment that stops water spreading and smearing. It creates a hydrophobic surface and repels water and other liquids, meaning rain simply beads, sheds and rolls off – it works for ice and snow too, so you’ll be covered all year round.

5. Protect against the elements

Even in the warmer months, a good fall of rain is going to produce some mud. Plus, if you’re out and about on a summer adventure, you’re more likely to be treading dirt and muck into the car. Thankfully, you can nip this problem in the bud by picking up some protective covers and mats. A car mat set will provide durable and hard-wearing surfaces to keep your car’s carpet clean, while our boot mats and seat protectors will look after the rest of your upholstery.

For the exterior, we’re all about the Halfords All Seasons Car Covers. Available in five sizes, these covers are made of a weatherproof and breathable material that will help to protect your car from the impact of pollution, rain, and UV rays, so you can avoid the rain on wet days and keep your car cool on sunny ones. The soft lining prevents any damage to your car’s paintwork and the securing straps ensure a snug fit. Add one of these to your collection and your car will thank you for it.

6. Give your car a good clean

It’s also a good time to show your car some love with a thorough wash. Equip yourself with Karcher K2 Power Control Car Pressure Washer and you’ll be able to make short work of even the biggest cleaning tasks. With a foam nozzle, wash brush, and car detergent included, you’ll have the paintwork gleaming in no time.

Take a look at our blog on the best car cleaning tips for further advice on getting your vehicle looking showroom-ready.

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Come rain or shine, make the most of your summer with Halfords. And if you’ve got any concerns about the condition of your car, just drop into your local Halfords store or autocentre and one of our colleagues will be happy to help.

Halfords is here to get you where you want to be this summer and all year round.