You might think that lightweight bikes are the realm of racers, but a lighter bike is not only much easier to pick up,  it’s also much easier to control when riding! For children, who are much smaller, less strong and usually less confident on bikes than adults, this makes even more of a difference.

Read on to find out why we think you should look for a lighter bike for your kids.

Less is more

The first thing you and your kids will notice when they pick up our Carrera kids’ bikes is how light they are – they’re more than 2kgs lighter than a similar steel-framed kids’ bike!

A lighter bike has plenty of benefits for kids. Because they can pick it up and move it around more easily, it becomes an activity that they can do independently (with supervision), rather than something that needs Mum or Dad’s help. This can make it much easier for them to get excited about getting out and playing on their bike.

Of course, a lighter bike is also easier for a child for control, and it’s easier for them to change its direction when they’re riding.

Why are they so much lighter?

One of the main reasons our Carrera kids bikes are so much lighter is because they have alloy frames, instead of the steel that is normally used. It’s a big upgrade, and really makes a difference to your little ones.

We’ve paired those lightweight alloy frames with some other great parts, like alloy rims and brake levers. Upgraded Kenda tyres also save some weight while giving loads of extra grip and rolling really smoothly.

All this adds up to a much bigger weight saving than you might think! These high quality parts are super durable, too. They need to be as your kids won’t want to stop riding!

Head over to our site to take a look at our great range of kids’ bikes. We’ve got a huge selection, so we’re sure you can find something that will really get your little ones excited about going out to play.

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