The days are getting longer and the temperature is slowly climbing, which can only mean one thing – spring is coming!

Now that the worst of the winter weather is behind us and Easter is here, it’s the perfect time to get on top of your car’s maintenance and get set for the warmer months ahead.

Plus, with the summer holidays fast approaching, you’ll want to be ready for whatever you have planned. Here are our top car maintenance tips and must-have products to get your car ready for spring.

1. Tyre checks

As the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road, your tyres affect handling, braking and acceleration – so it’s important to look after them!

Take the time to carry out a visual inspection of all your tyres, making sure there is no clear damage or bulges. The tread on each of them must legally be at least 1.6mm. If you’re unsure whether your tyres are safe, book our Free Tyre Check. At a time and store to suit you, one of our technicians will check your tyre pressure and tread depth, and make sure your tyres are safe and legal.

We also stock an extensive range of tyres from the best premium and budget brands, so if your tyres need replacing, we’ve got you covered. We can also fit your tyres in any of our garages nationwide or we can come and fit them at your home or workplace through our Mobile Expert service.

2. Don’t fall foul of a flat battery

The colder months can be harsh on your battery, especially if you’re not doing as much long-distance driving as you would in the spring and summer. Avoid being stranded by a flat battery with our range of battery chargers, jump starters or jump leads.

If your battery is showing signs that it needs replacing, why not book our Free Battery Health Check for the peace of mind that everything is working. If your battery does need replacing, you can explore our range of batteries here.

3. Top up your fluids

This is a simple one but just as important – make sure your vehicle’s fluids are topped up. That includes engine oil, brake fluid, AdBlue & coolant, and screenwash. You can find all of these fluids over at

For a helping hand, why not book a 10-Point Car Check? We’ll top up your screen wash and check your oil, AdBlue and coolant levels so you know that you’re ready for your spring adventures. Even better, it’s free with a Halfords Motoring Club membership.

4. Are your bulbs bright?

The days may be longer and brighter, but your headlights and rear lights still matter.

Before going on any car journeys, make sure all the bulbs on your car are working, including brake lights and indicators. You should also ensure your bulb casings are clean as this could dim the light.

Remember, if you need to replace any of your bulbs, you shouldn’t simply replace them one at a time – you want consistent lighting when driving. That’s why we’d always recommend changing your bulbs in pairs. When you buy bulbs through Halfords, we can fit them for you – and Motoring Club members can use their free fitting!

5. Halfords car checks

Don’t want to do the above checks yourself? No problem!

Here at Halfords, we offer both a free 5-Point Car Check and a £15 10-Point Car Check (or free with your Motoring Club membership). Covering most of the checks on this list, you can book in now to be safe in the knowledge that your car will be assessed by an expert technician.

6. Safely navigate your journeys

That’s the main car checks out of the way, now for some other items you may find useful for your future journeys – starting with a sat nav. With summer fast approaching, now’s the perfect time to start thinking about those future staycations and plan your routes.

Helping you efficiently navigate to your destination, whether it’s in the UK or Europe, the Garmin Camper 795 Sat Nav is a dependable choice. Specially designed for campers and cars with caravans, the sat nav has a high-resolution 7” touchscreen display and provides camper-specific road warnings, a database of campsites, voice-activated navigation, and live traffic updates when paired with the Garmin Drive app. Simply add in the details of your vehicle such as weight, height and length and the sat nav will ensure you only face camper-friendly roads suitable for your vehicle.

7. Dashcams

Travel with added peace of mind with the help of a dash cam. Recording the road as you drive, a dash cam will provide evidence should you be involved in a crash.

Take advantage of the Nextbase 522GW Front and Rear Dash Cam bundle and you’ll benefit from front and rear cameras, for all-around protection. With high-quality 1440p HD resolution recording, the 522GW will always capture the high-quality footage you need, all of which will be safely stored thanks to the 32GB SD card.

8. In-car entertainment

No one likes driving in silence, especially on long journeys. The solution? A car stereo of course.

Filling your car with your favourite music and keeping you entertained, car stereos have been a must-have for as long as we can remember. Luckily, technology has evolved in that time and you won’t be relying on cassettes. Instead, you can use the Sony XAV-AX8050D Car Stereo. With Apple Play, Android Auto and Bluetooth compatibility, you’ll have no problem loading up your favourite travel playlists ready for a good old sing-along.

9. Prepare for your camping holiday

We all love a foreign holiday, but the natural beauty of the UK is often tempting too, so if you’re opting for a camping trip this year, we’ve got you covered.

Before planning any staycation, make sure you’re well-prepared with the must-have camping essentials. From tents and sleeping bags to cooking equipment, you’ll find everything you need over at

If you’re not sure what camping equipment you’ll need, don’t worry! We’ve put together our Top 10 camping must-haves blog to help.

10. Join the Halfords Motoring Club

And our final check – don’t miss out on the best way to save on your yearly car maintenance. The Halfords Motoring Club takes the hassle out of looking after your vehicle and gives you access to a range of amazing benefits and discounts designed to keep you moving, keep you safe and keep you saving.

Premium members unlock all our perks, from a free MOT and always-on 5% discount to exclusive partner offers and tailored advice from our experts. You can join for free too, and still get some great benefits.

Tired of missing out? Join the Halfords Motoring Club today at

There you have it! Drive away those winter blues with the help of our spring motoring checklist and get set for Easter. While these are the most important things to consider, you can find many other services and must-have motoring products over at