If you’ve heard of the Cycle2Work scheme but are not quite sure what it entails, you’ve come to the right place!

The Cycle2Work scheme is a fantastic way of getting access to a brand-new bike and cycling accessories at an extremely affordable price.

Keep reading to discover the basics of the Cycle2Work scheme and whether it’s right for you.

How does the Cycle2Work scheme work?

Cycle2Work is a government initiative that’s run through participating employers. Employees who sign up for the scheme can make big savings on new bikes and cycling equipment. This is because you don’t have to pay tax or national insurance on these products, saving you up to 47%! These savings will be based on your personal tax bracket. The reduced amount is then deducted by your employer from your payslip over 12 or 18 months.

Do I have to cycle to work every day?

No! Whilst the aim of the scheme is to encourage individuals to cycle to work as much as possible, you don’t strictly have to use your bike to cycle to work. The government guidelines state that you should use your bike and accessories for commuting for at least 50% of its usage. However, you do not have to log your bike’s mileage and we thoroughly encourage you to use your bike in your spare time too!

How do I get a bike through the Cycle2Work scheme?


If your employer has appointed us as your Cycle2Work provider, simply head over to Halfords.com/cycle2work to apply. You can also check if your employer has appointed us by clicking here. Some employers have different application windows and may require their employees to apply through their intranet site instead of through Halfords. Check with your HR department if you’re unsure.

So you know how much to apply for, it’s worth looking at what type of bike you’d like to get beforehand and what deals are available to make additional savings on top of Cycle2Work. Make sure you check it doesn’t exceed the maximum value limit set by your employer.


If your employer approves your application, you’ll receive a Letter of Collection for the value you have applied. Present this letter in-store at Halfords, Tredz, or one of hundreds of participating bike dealerships, along with your ID and chosen items. You can also buy online at Halfords and Tredz by simply entering your Letter of Collection number at checkout.

What bikes and accessories can I get through Cycle2Work?

Cycle2Work is available on any of our adult bike types, including over 100 electric bikes! All bikes and accessories that are available through Cycle2Work have the ‘C2W’ icon displayed. There are also plenty of bike accessories for you to choose from including bike helmets, tyres, pedals, and much more.

Shop our full range of bikes and accessories on halfords.com today.

For more information and frequently asked questions on the Cycle2Work scheme, visit the dedicated page on halfords.com, where you’ll find everything you need.