Garages are versatile spaces. Whether yours doubles as a handy storage shed, a mechanic’s paradise or the perfect workshop for your latest project, there’s lots of scope to make the space work for you. Here are some useful upgrades that are sure to help you get the most out of your garage.

1. Improve the lighting

Unless you’re particularly lucky, odds are that the original lighting in your garage isn’t the greatest. Ideally you want bright bulbs (consider using LEDs for longer-lasting brightness) and overhead light fixtures near to where you’re working in order to create a safe environment.

If you’re doing more intricate work, then it’s well-worth considering a torch or inspection light. These tools allow you to direct the light where you need it the most and many offer multiple levels of brightness, are cordless and are rechargeable.

2. Organise your tools

We know it’s tempting to leave your tools scattered across your work surfaces, or just to shove them in the nearest holder and be done with it. But wouldn’t it be great if everything had a proper place and you could always find what you needed quickly and easily?

Tool boxes and tool chests introduce a level of organisation to any garage. From small and portable organisers and trays to storage sets consisting of multiple cabinets, there’s a suitable option for every scenario. So store your tools with ease and style, and always have the ones you need at your fingertips.

3. Upgrade your lifting equipment

If you’re the kind of person who loves spending hours under your car, then you’ll be more than familiar with axle stands and jacks. But how about a quick-lift jack stand like the Halfords Advanced 4 Tonne Magic Quick-Lift?

This market-leading product is an upgrade that any garage would be proud of and helps to take the hassle out of jobs like exhaust repairs and oil changes thanks to its innovative automatic lifting system.

4. Introduce shelving and wall storage

Floor space can often be at a premium in garages, so we need to look at other options – such as taking full advantage of your vertical space. Installing a set of shelves is one easy way to do this as they immediately triple or even quadruple the available storage space.

Wall storage hooks are another clever solution. You can pick up specific ones for bikes or just general storage, but all provide additional storage that won’t encroach on that precious floor space.

5. Treat yourself to a workstation

If you do have some floor space going spare, then you might want to bring a modular workstation into your life. These comprehensive units offer ample storage space, a workbench and other features, and their modular design means they can be configured and combined to meet your individual requirements.

They’re a significant investment sure, but they can really help to upgrade your garage and create the ultimate workshop or at-home autocentre.

6. Consider insulation

Garages can sometimes get a bit draughty and cold, particularly during the winter months. As storage heaters can be expensive to run, it could be worth investing in some insulation instead. This will help to keep out the cold and keep in the warmth, potentially reducing heating bills and electricity bills at the same time.

7. Add some finishing touches

Finish off your garage upgrades with a couple of must-haves: floor mats and all-purposes storage boxes.

Floor mats like those in the Halfords 6pc Black Floor Mat Set are ideal for workshops and garages as they protect floors and also absorb shock when you’re working on hard concrete. They’re also easy to clean and often water resistant, which makes them easy to maintain.

Storage boxes like the Wham Heavy Duty Storage Boxes come in a variety of sizes and will fit neatly on shelves. Strong and durable, they also have the added bonus of being made from 100% recycled plastic and come with a lid to keep the contents secure.

This is just a snapshot of some of the ways you can upgrade your garage. For all your motoring and workshop needs, head on over to