Not quite sure what you should be getting your little one for Christmas this year? Why not think about a balance bike?

In recent years, they’ve become a really popular way to teach kids how to ride a bike. They don’t have any pedals or gears, meaning your child will simply learn how to balance before they learn anything else.

Here are a few reasons why a balance bike should be at the top of your shopping list this Christmas.

1. They teach balance

As the name suggests, balance bikes are all about teaching balance. As they don’t have pedals or stabilisers, your little one pushes off the ground to move forward. This helps them get a feel for a bike and teaches them how to manoeuvre it. They’re also light making them easier to handle.

Balance bikes have become popular as many parents find their children learn how to ride a pedal bike quicker when they’ve ridden a balance bike first. So, when it comes to getting your little one their first bike, they’ll already have developed many of the skills they need.

2. Simple and safe

Balance bikes are really simple. As they don’t have many components, very little can go wrong.

Which also makes life easier on Christmas day. Simply unwrap it, jump on, and go! Your kids can play with it straight away so there won’t be any impatient little ones breathing down your neck waiting for you to assemble it.

Importantly, the lack of moving parts like a chain makes them much safer for younger riders too.

3. Build confidence

Falling off a bike can be discouraging for a child, especially if they’ve only just started learning how to ride.

As balance bikes are low to the ground, the idea of falling off is a little less daunting. Plus, their feet can easily touch the ground, acting as a safety net and ensuring there should only be minor tumbles. This will help build your child’s confidence on the bike.

4. Convenient

The compact design of balance bikes makes them easier to transport. You can easily pop one in your boot and take them on a journey with you.

This also means they’re easier to store at home and won’t take up much space. And, of course, you’ll have no problems hiding one ready for Christmas day. Check out our top tips for hiding a kids’ bike before Christmas here.

5. They get kids outside

It’s not always easy to get kids outside at the best of times, especially when the weather isn’t as nice. However, a balance bike, just like all other bikes, is a great outdoor toy that can keep your kids active and give them a reason to get away from the TV for a bit.

6. Balance bikes can be used almost everywhere

Balance bikes are great fun and, to begin with, your kids can enjoy getting used to them around the house – great on those wet winter days. Then they can move on to the garden, drive or park.

However, because balance bikes start kids off from absolute novices, you don’t have to go out on all-day adventures to enjoy them. They’re great for having around to play with when your kid fancies it, and you don’t need to be chasing along on your own bike to keep up.

Best balance bikes

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So, there you have it, five reasons why you should think about buying a balance bike from Halfords this Christmas. If you’d like to find out more about balance bikes, take a look at our guide.

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